How to make profit in Segunda Division B?


Dec 12, 2010
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I'm doing my second save in the Spanish Segunda Division B. My first was with Hospitalet where I managed back to back promotions to La Liga. Now I am trying the same with Badalona CF. However, I find it really difficult to keep the finances stable. I lose about 110k per month and I am already 200k in the red. The problem is that I can't sell my players, nobody wants them. Has anyone managed to keep their finances healthy in Spain's third tier? The only way I can imagine not to get into bankruptcy is to get promoted, because friendlies aren't profitable and I have a stadium of about 5000 seats.
Yeah I think it's a serious problem. It's realistic though, with the Spanish economy in the proverbial crapper the small teams are gonna really struggle. I've signed some good young players and sold them on, but realistically you are not gonna get more than 1m for a player (the most I've sold someone for from the Segunda Division is 900k) and a 1m profit will probably just mean that you finish that year slightly in the black. Even if you slash your wage bill you'll struggle.
The only real way to make profit is to either have good cup runs and sell all your players every year or get promoted. Have you been in the Federation Cup by the way? I've never been entered into it!
Yes I am in the Federation cup, but I lost the first leg 1-0 against Yeclano, I only used my b-team though, because I consider the league far more important. Actually I have never spent 2 years in Segunda Division B, because I always got promoted in the first. After 16 matches I am now 4th only 4 points away from first placed Guadalajara (I'm using an update, but it's probably a mistake, because Guadalajara should not be in SD B3)
Have you got any parent clubs that you are linked to? The money you will get from these partnerships won't make you a huge profit but if you are lucky and have the right linked clubs you could earn 200k a year (just as a guess).
Yes I got Getafe as parent club and I will get 44k every year. At the moment my balance is -1.4 mio and the projections are -1.6mio which is still ok. I am 2nd in the league still 4 points behind Guadalajara, but the play-offs will be a huge task. On the positive side though, I managed to get 3 youngsters with 4 star potential for free.