How To Make Winamp Sound Better


Sep 15, 2005
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These tips will make your Winamp play music louder and with higher fidelity without buying a new sound card, like Creative SoundBlaster.

Install MAD MP3 decoder. MAD represents the decoded audio signal with high precision. It supports MPEG-1 and the MPEG-2 extension to lower sampling frequencies.

Enhancer 017 is the best DSP plug-in for Winamp and it's free. Try "General improvements" preset. Other great presets: "Treble boost", "Party with ambience", "Inside the music".

Although it's outdated, some hardware work better with waveOut output. Go to Options / Preferences / Plug-ins / Output and select waveOut. You can read more about DirectSound vs waveOut.

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Thanks Lee. I got the Enhancer and it's superb :D
Wonderful mate, thank you so much! I have the feeling that the Enhancer is generally a huge improvement in bass output, which should be a nice surprise for my father who has recently purchased a set of nice speakers for his notebook, but they definitely lack the power to deliver nice bass... this plugin should be able fix that :].

Once again, great piece of info, thanks for sharing!
Really old threads ftw. Anyway I don't use those plugins anymore I made a switch to these two instead:

  • Jammix Enhancer - Link
  • AudioBurstFX - Link
My advice? Listen to better quality audio files. Lossless audio instead of compressed MP3's.
Just though id give this a wee bump as ive just re-installed winamp

Jammix that lee recommends a few posts up is great, other useful, but not for sound plugins I use are delerer (little x that shows up in your system tray that you click to delete a song) and AMIP which shows what songs youre listen to on irc and I think MSN

Any other useful plugins anyone uses?