How to play a game with only 4 total clubs?


May 7, 2013
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Is it possible to set up a game where there are only 4 clubs within a competition? I run a small community where members roleplay as leaders of a nation, and got FBM2012 to act as something of a parallel to FIFA world tournaments. Currently, only 4 members have signed up but I want to run an exhibition series of matches to boost interest and test the ropes. So I was wondering it were possible to have it so only those 4 teams would be used by the game when setting matches.

I already got it to the point where my teams are created and put into a competition via the editor. But when I go into the game the 4 teams are still matched against dozens of random teams that neither I or my members would care to see matched.

Should also note that all teams are already created in the editor and I can get everything loading just fine in-game, I'm just curious how I can prevent other teams (besides the 4 I made) from being used in in-game matches. The competition I'm using in the editor only lists those 4 teams as well, so I'm a bit lost to where this setting would be (if it exists).
If I understand what you are saying you mean there will be like 4 teams in the whole world. Maybe deleting all other teams? idk if its possible. good luck