How to program where the host countries are for tournaments


Sep 6, 2010
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Well, i want to program it so world cup is Brazil 2014, Russia 2018, Qatar 2022

And that the asian cup is in Australia in 2015
Ive always wondered how to do this I hate playing competitions in the wrong country
give the game lots of bribes and maybe the World Cup will end up in Russia and Qatar...
Technically it is not the wrong country since at that point in time it hasn't been decided yet.

OT: I don't think you can doing with the basic editor. You may be able to do it with the advanced editor, which is available at the SI forums I believe. I haven't had a look at it yet myself though.
I'm not sure about this, but you can try to edit the competition's history in the editor
I tried that and i could add the new years but not the hosts ?? Is there like a competition editor ?? Or something along those lines ??
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Im under the impression that it is random, tough some countries have higher chances than others. For example, the 2028 European Cup was hosted by Portugal in me game.
just wait till the new patch it will be in there probs or it was have it that russia and qatar win the bids on the 2nd of december or whenever it was
OK, so by the looks of it, the 11.3 patch doesnt include the World Cup Host changes. Or the Asian Cup 2015 being held in Australia ??? Now what :/