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How to put a face of Hachim Mastour?


Jul 8, 2013
Can you tell me how to put a picture of Hachim Mastour in the game?
Do you already have an existing FacePack activated in your game? If not, download and install this one:
Football Manager Cut Out Facepack - Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

Then, in FM, go to the PREFERENCES option and click on the INTERFACE tab. Check the box marked SHOW ID NUMBERS FOR EDITING (or something similar - my game is not loaded at the moment) and hit CONFIRM.

Finding Hachim Mastour in the game and you'll see that he has his own ID number. Take this image (or the one you already have of him):

View attachment 340937

...and change the file name to whatever his ID number is.

- Find the config.xml file contained within your Faces pack (probably at the end of the list) and open it up.
- Copy and paste the last line of code and replace the two references to the ID number to Hachim's number.
- Save and close the config file.
- Drop that image into the folder.
- Close the folder and go back to FM > PREFERENCES > INTERFACE > Uncheck the SHOW ID option and hit RELOAD SKIN.

It will take a few seconds to process but when it's done, it should then show Hachim's face in position on his profile page.