How to score 30+ Goals a season from Set Pieces

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Nov 25, 2012
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Corners :

Obviously with tall players with great Heading, Jumping and Strength stats will help you alot

This is how you will need to set up

Cross aim : near post
Stay Back : 2 players
Lurk outside area : 3 players
Stand on far post: 2 player
Offer short option: 1 player (this will bring a defender out of position)
Attack near post : 1 player ( This will be your goal scorer, Make sure he is tall and has good Heading, Jumping and Strength)
Challenge Keeper : 1 player (again make sure this player is tall and has good finishing)

How to get 3 players Lurking Outside Area

Basically don't use the set piece wizard, when you use it to set up your players it will only allow 1 player to lurk outside the box. so what you need to do to have 3 is go to Tactics, then Player, then click on the position you want to set a role to.

Throw In

Now throws are more difficult to score from, but they do give you about 15 goals a season, which could be vital goals

Left side: Long
Right side: Long

Forward: 4 players
Stay back: 2 players
Lurk outside area: 2 players
Come short: 1 player ( if you are playing with wingers, for throws on the left, make your left sided winger come short, same for the right side, make your right winger come short)
Near post: 1 player (This will be your goal scorer, Make sure he is tall and has good Heading, Jumping and Strength. Sometimes he flicks on to other players to score)

And again, to get more thank 1 player lurking outside the area, use the above method.


i have not yet found a good way to score from freekicks, i will update if i find a way or if someone has any tips please let me know

It would be great to get some feedback to see how this help you. Also this is my first real post so feedback on that would also be great

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