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Jan 14, 2011
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Im playing with middlesbrough, and i need to get lose of some of my salary budget. the player with highest salary now is gary o'neil, he has like 250 000 euro/month, and he isnt that good at all.
i would like to get rid of him, hes worth 2,5 million. nobody wants to buy him, and i think that the salary scare away all the clubs. now i've set his prize to 0 and still i have no interesters, and dont want to kick him. i have also trying to lower his contract by offering him a new, but he wants like 400 000 a month...
i must get rid of this guy because i have to get space for some new players when im playing in pl next year!
I'd just release him if no-one wants him :)
Offer him on loan and see if someone is able to at least pay part of his wages?
If he gets sent off fine him two weeks wages
try and **** him off (if he plays well tell him he played *****, if he plays ***** tell him he played well)
and then when he misses training fine him two weeks wages

should help short term on wages
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