Jan 14, 2011
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Im playing with middlesbrough, and i need to get lose of some of my salary budget. the player with highest salary now is gary o'neil, he has like 250 000 euro/month, and he isnt that good at all.
i would like to get rid of him, hes worth 2,5 million. nobody wants to buy him, and i think that the salary scare away all the clubs. now i've set his prize to 0 and still i have no interesters, and dont want to kick him. i have also trying to lower his contract by offering him a new, but he wants like 400 000 a month...
ive also tried to kick him but my boarder doesnt want to pay him 3,6 million.
ive also set his status to not needed.
theres not even anyone who wants to loan this guy and pay like half of his salary.
i must get rid of this guy because i have to get space for some new players when im playing in pl next year!
same happend to me with huntlaar just offer him to clubs with a 100% loan and he will go