Aug 19, 2010
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I've been playing FM 2009 since it came out and still do, but am hoping to learn more of the intricacies of FM 2011.

Despite my experience in FM 2009 and application of concepts towards FM 2011, I still have never had a great, or even good, start to my initial team when starting a game. I've always eventually gotten fired, and then picked up by another club mid-season who already have some cohesion which allows me to last long enough in the job to eventually raise them to world class status.

So in the long run I've always been successful, but in the short term I'm still very much challenged by the start of the game. I've read stories on forums of people taking weaker teams above and beyond expectations which is pretty much my objective now in the game.

My current example is my game with Wigan that I am 3 months into. They are a weaker team but have a good number of medium skilled "all-around" players and I had a great preseason with them. Once the season started I started with a win and have then suffered 4 straight defeats and 1 league cup defeat. My defense is god awful and my attacking is mentally challenged, and although I expect to lose, the nature of the defeats are what have me perturbed.

If you have any suggestions on how you start your game strong I would like to know, as I am looking for advice not only tactically but also man management and critical focus areas. My players are unhappy, under performing and seem to lack any intelligence on the field now.
get any of mr hough's tactics , they are awesome , try to limit your wage budged and learn about teamtalks ( all of this you can find using the search forums function ) have fun