Jun 14, 2010
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Ive a great tactic which dominates most teams, occasionally ill dominate and lose with 65% possession. Every time i check match stats it says about 8 blocked shots minimum. Any ideas out there how to prevent it?
To me that says you may have a lot of possession, but you are not penetrating and getting behind the defense. Try increasing through balls of your playmaker and forward runs of your wingers, also try decreasing long shots.
thanks for your possible help. ive no one doing long shots and ive fabregas as playmaker with through balls often, ill try the forward run thing, do you think tempo or defensive line is anything to do with it? my tempo is normal, 2 clicks from quick and defensive line is more or less normal
players with high decisions and less long shots
if i can upload the tactic and someone could look at it and solve the blocked shot thing theyd win everything no doubt, this sounds silly but this tactic has all ready played 38 lost 0 in the league but i want pure perfection in everygame

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anymore ideas today?
Blocked shots high: This may indicate that the opposition are flooding the box with players, forcing you to shoot from the edge of the area into a sea of bodies. You will need to check the highlights. However, it may be useful to work the ball into the box, use a control strategy or generally find a way of opening up the opposition for a better quality of chance inside the box in a yard of space.

From TT 10;)
Go into the options bit and untick Block Shots, should do the trick mate