How would you sign players


Jul 8, 2011
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Hello all,

As the title suggest, looking for info on what you would do.

I always start lowest league in England and never seem to stay at a club beyond 2-3 years before I move up the leagues. Only when I get a Premier league job do I tend to stay long term.

So in the early part of my career, how would you sign players for the 1st team given I won't stay long term

*Potential ability
*Current ability
*Attributes that fit your tactic
*Something else

Just wondering how others approach this?

Thank you
first thing i do setup the tactic and style of play i want, build my team to suit that tactic, then scout 3-4 players that can play in the positions i want, then look at my weakest area and try to invest heavy in the first team, after 2 seasons i then start to look at the youth academy and look to sign players under the age of 21 that can be trained to play in this tactic
Nice post and please provide more information. Thanks for sharing.