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Dec 11, 2009
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Does anyone have any experience in HTML coding and the patience to help an absolute newbie?

I'm really struggling to get any kind of scroll to an element going, and any that do work are only temporary as the page reverts back to the home page seconds after it scrolls to the element.

I've got an alphabet along the top (all individual html elements) and I want them to scroll to the corresponding letter down the page. So I need to create 26 different anchors and coding to scroll to each one, and I have little to no idea what I'm doing!

Here's what I'm trying to link:
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I've managed to create the titles as I would like (ie correctly formatted so they look nice), and I need to know where any formatting would come into the (probabaly very dodgy) HTML code that I have used. Here is the example of the code that I've used for the letter "Aa" in the top bar:

<font size="5", color=#b57a21><b>Aa - </b>

If any of that made sense, great and I applaud you :) Any help would be massively appreciated!
Think I've found what I was looking for. These codes are what I was after, think I was trying to put them in the wrong place or something:

Anchor html code::
<a name="anchor"></a>

Link html code:
<a href="#anchor">Link Text</a>

Thanks for the advice though corach :)