Apr 4, 2010
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As the title says - I am Huddersfield and I am still in pre-season. Had £2 mil. available and have bought Rico Henry as a backup left back and Jason Cummings as a rotation forward, so I have about £1 mil. left.

Looking for a GK as I really don't find Joe Murphy good enough for more than a backup keeper. Doesn't matter if it is a loan deal or a permanent deal.

I also need a starting ML as i intend to play a 4-4-2 for the majority of the time in the 1. season at least, and I don't really rate any of the options available. Again, doesn't matter if it is a loan or permanent deal.
Sam Johnstone at united or Sondre Rossbach will be great keepers for you

Peter Pawlett, gary mackay steven or even Gui assulin could do a job for you in the ML slot
How did this save go?

I am Huddersfield and about to secure an automatic promotion slot at the end of season 2. I have found Joe Murphy to be immense so far.