Apr 11, 2009
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Hello all,
Myself and Workforthegame, Will be doing a joint story, We previously attempted to do this and we had to stop due to other commitments. So we are back for FM11.

We hope you enjoy our story,

Introduction to my Character,
Fernando Lopez is now 30 year old man from Palma De Mallorca, Spain. He was snatched up by Huddersfield in 1998 at the age of 18. He was tipped to become one of the best players in the world, Until that one game that ended his carear, In this story you will follow the life of Lopez and how being out of the game changed his life


I sat up in my bed and looked at my Asda smart price alarm clock, 1:00pm.
Looking around my room, I could see lots of empty beer cans and smell the dampness on the walls, I groaned and got out of my bed.

I looked at the photos slapped all over my bedroom of my glory days. I could of been the best player in the world. Football was my life. Huddersfield town was my future

I slipped on another jumper and pair of socks and got dressed to go down the boozer.​
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Introduction of my character.
Tom Hammond is now a 43 year old man, from Huddersfield, England. He came through the ranks of the Huddersfield Town youth team originally joining at the age of 12. He played for Huddersfield Town over 600 times in his long career and is widely regarded as Town's best ever player, he hung up his boots earlier than planned because he only ever wanted to play for Huddersfield, the manager at the time had other ideas. He was also capped 49 times for northern Ireland. In this story you will be following his managerial career and how his love for town never wavered.

I stood and observed as we bombarded United's defence, watched Lopez dazzle the United defence with an array of skill, the ball came all the way back to me at left back, I took my touch and waited till a young David Beckham sprinted to close me down, I played the ball down the line, watched Lopez go all the way down to the byline before he cut inside and intruded into the penalty box, a horribly positioned Gary Neville dived into the young lad out of nowhere I stormed across and went straight for Neville, the ref blocked my path, I walked off and chilled out, watched Lopez dragged off the pitch in a stretcher, calmed my nerves before stepping up to take the most important penalty of my career. As my stats go I'd scored 24 penalties in my career and was pretty confident about despatching this one. I looked down at the ball then at United's keeper before placing it towards the bottom corner, Barthez pulled off a brilliant save but only parried the ball into my path, I smashed in the rebound before going absolutely mental about scoring what was sure to be the winner in the 85th minute. The game at Old Trafford finished 1-0... The career of Fernando Lopez finished altogether...

Good luck guys, will be interesting to see how this works out. Are you planning to continue this style of writing throughout the story?

12th March 2010
While at the Pub, Jonathan the barman, asked me just what it felt like, To be able to play against Man utd, To compete up against the best in the world.

I told him, I don't remember much. The thing I remember is the sight of a bright yellow St Johns Ambulance jacket along with the cold breathe of the medics which I could feel smacking me in the face as I was lying on the stretcher in utter pain.

After my brief chat with Jonathan I sat in the corner of the bar and thought, What a waste I was. I looked out of the back window with overlooked a small playing field and watched as kids went skidding on the ice what sparkled in the low winter sun.

I looked down towards my stomach and failed to see my toes, moving my eyes up I caught a glance my pint of John Smiths sitting on the table and thought to myself, " This is my last. " I set my self the challenge of becoming fit again. I had this weird urge to go outside and help them kids, Show them how to control a ball, Show them how its done.


January 1st 2011

Nearly a year had passed since the day I set my self a goal, what I thought was going to be hard to achieve, But now, 10months on, I was a qualified UEFA Coach. Yes, it sounds good but I still didn't have a penny to my name.
My next stage was to find a club...
Impossible.. I know!


Good luck guys, will be interesting to see how this works out. Are you planning to continue this style of writing throughout the story?

Thank you
Yes we both intend to update you separate throughout the story.
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1st January 2011.
I sat in the luxury players bar down at the Galpharm, the walls furnished with memorabilia of Huddersfield legends and glorious moments in the clubs history, my goal against united hung proudly as a portrait above the bar, although I was alone with the barman, Phil, all the portraits felt like friends to me. I sat there and enjoyed light banter with Phil about the peculiar way in which he used to wear his socks while on the pitch, then I'd taunt him about how I could do his job. However the enjoyable banter was soon interrupted by a fairly average looking Hispanic man... Fernando Lopez...

Walking into the Bar and seeing Tom there made me smile,


I waked over and said, "Hola Mi Amigo". Tom then stood up and hugged me. We sat down to a drink, Mine being a non alcoholic one. We chatted like we never lost contact, like we was best friends. I listened as Tom bragged on about him managing Huddersfield, I felt ashamed when Tom asked me what I had been doing the last 10 years.

After filling Tom in on my boring life I told him about me becoming a qualified UEFA Coach. With that he told me to get my **** down to the training ground, he might have something for me.

I left Tom to enjoy his drink and headed home for a early night. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.
2nd January 2011
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I watched as Fernando Lopez enthusiastically jogged up towards me, god he looked like he hadn't kicked a ball since the incident, he told me how during his rehabilitation he wanted to work with youth and development, as it went We didn't actually have a youth team manager, Terry Mac my assistant manager just did that job out of duty. I offered him the job on the terms that he retained fitness levels like mine, and committed properly to Huddersfield town... Confident that I could leave Fernando to the youth team Terry Mac and I had now the sole purpose of concentrating on the first team and more importantly, our push for promotion.

There I stood, 40 kids all looking at me.. I was speechless.

I stuttered a bit and then said, Hola, I am Lopez, They call me Nando.

We had a long 3-hour traning session with one kid catching my eye, I kept him behind after the session and had a brief chat.

'Whats your name son' I asked
Daniel, Daniel Hammond He replied
'Toms. Tom Hammonds son!'
'Yes gaffa'
'You can tell, Your a cracking player'

I met up with tom after training and we spoke about the youth team, I told him about his son and how much I thought he would be playing for the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea in a few years time.
Tom laughed tapped me on the back of the head, He left me in the office as I sat down and enjoyed a well earned cup of tea.