Jan 9, 2009
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just started a new save with the league one team, need help with finding players as i have a pretty small squad and 450k to spend, anyone know of any good players who would join a league one team?
any help would be great cheers!
With huddersfield, your goalkeeping is sorted for life if u keep smithies, and also your strikers in rhodes and novak. pilkington is amazing aswell so only places mainly need strengthening is a left back (although kilbane is there i think?) and cm/cb. Get loanees for now and maybe sell a player to get a bit more, but huddersfield squad good for league 1 and you should win with right tactics etc. just wait til your in championship before proper signings.
yeah your right the strike force is very good but i was just thinking of bringing in another CM to booster the midfield, or is that not necessary?
get emmanuel-thomas from arsenal on loan as he can play anywhere in midfield, striker or even defender!!
loan bebe for left wing and use cairy we his name is aas a back up bebe did quality for me inside forward.
Conor Clifford- Loan Signing from Chelsea. :wub:
you should look to sign Leigh Griffiths from dundee, to play upfront with Rhodes. i had them both in leauge 1 and championship. Great pairing
when i was huddersfield (my sig) i got 1.9 mill to spend???

but anyway i got gael kakuta on load for 3 months and he was fantastic then i got zezinho from man city on loan and he was fantastic

i got kadlec for 1 mill to go up front with lee novak (kadlec scored 35 goals in the season and i played lee novak from ajnueary and he scored 22 goals from january!!!!
on my save griffiths wudnt talk. and where u get 1.9mill from ? the most i could of got was 600k i fink.
i checked on the editor before i was gonna be them and i found out that something is background so i just asked for money and they gave it..

also if you get promoted u get 7.5mill so... (GET PROMOTED)
justed asked for more money they rejected me the battys but oh well try again later on and 7.5 wow coulld do alot wid that for a champ side and btw for right back which u will need get coelho free transfer can play for low prem teams aswell.
Free Transfers_

Jay Demerit
Izzy Ireikpen
Yakubu (Right back - forget his name)

Defence sorted!
corry evans from man utd is a good cm for that level if you can get him on loan. Also Jeffrey Bruma, a young CB from chelsea reserves would be a good signing on loan. You could also try robbing Grant McCann from Peterborough
jordan rhodes is amazing!! i used to go to school with him also, i do not have kilbane at huddersfield on my save.??
huddersfield wuhu xD well i started with them a week ago and in 2 years i got to the premiership, the first season you dont need to sign a lot just 2 or 3 signing loved daniel ayala so much, if you get promoted look out for free bargains.. if you get to the premiership the board will give you around 25millions just for avoid relegation expectation!