Hughton in line for West Brom job

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Aug 23, 2006
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West Brom are closing in on appointing Chris Hughton their new manager following Sunday's sacking of Roberto di Matteo, BBC Sport understands.

Would be a good appointement probably, he obviously knows his onions going on what he did at Newcastle. I'll be pleased to see him in another job, as he should never have been sacked. This is a good chance for him to really prove his worth as a manager.
Good appointment. Did nothing wrong at Newcastle, a couple of bad results. MA wanted rid, and I can see him leading WBA to a win v Newcastle.
Think Hughton deserves a bigger club, but excellent appointment if they get him and back him.
Should still be at Newcastle, did nothing wrong while he was there. Got the team promoted and was doing rather well in the EPL. Was unfair to sack him.

Glad he's back in the EPL, after what he did getting Newcastle there and not being given a real chance hopefully he'll prove to Newcastle they were wrong to get rid.
Ideal manager for the Albion, young, prefers playing football, and has worked very well with a tight budget. The ideal package for Peace who is tighter than a camels backside in a sandstorm...

Although Hughton is clearly a great manager, can he stop that slide they are on...

will they be hypocritical and sack him if he can't?!
Would love to see this happen. Would show how much of a tool Ashley was in letting him go. Think would be great appointment for West Brom. Fingers crossed for him
Great appointment for both sides if true, and he seems a seriously nice bloke. Hope it happens, and I hope they stay up.
He should still be at Newcastle, Mike Ashley is such an idiot ..

If true, a great appointment for West Brom
great appointment (if true), think he will keep them up if he gets the job
Good for him, and them. Hope he gets more understanding than Di Matteo, who I thought was doing a good job.
Great News, the lads a fantastic manager & deserves to do well. I ope he gets Albion playing football & hopefully they'll stay up.
Can't wait to see him prove MA's decision to sack him was wrong.
Really hope they give him a chance and he does well tbh.