Jul 22, 2010
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Year Founded: 1904
Status: Professional
Competition: N-power Championship



Matt Duke - Allough goalkeeping is Hull's worse posistion, i would advise keeping Duke'y as he has whats required to perform well in the Championship. 1st Team Starter if you cannot afford to get a new goalkeeper.

Mark Oxley - Should be used as backup in the 1st season to Matt Duke. still young and wont develop very well so it is reccomended to sell him at the end of the season, or when you get cover for Matt Duke.

Verdict : Not essential but buy a 1st team starter if possible.

Fullback Defenders:

Liam Rosenior - in my opinion he should be in that 1st team right back slot ahead of Mcshane every match. On paper his stats aren't amazing but he does the job fantasticlly.

Paul Mcshane - His stats show him to be a very goood worker for the team. I believe he is a massive liablity as his concentration and intelligence are very low. Should be back up to Rosenior.

Andy Dawson - All around good left fullback. With Andy been playing for the team for a very long time, it is vital that he starts as his experience and knowledge is brilliant.

Kevin Kilbane - Allthough he is said to be a left back, i feel he is very poor in this posistion. Wide midfield is better suited for him. Try to sell him as his wages are pretty high for his quality.

Verdict : Try to offload Kilbane as he isnt good enough for the team and has high wages. A young left back if possible is needed to provide cover for Dawson, and to take his place in the future as Andy is getting on.

Centre Backs:

Anthony Gerrard - His stats aren't the best but when performing on the pitch he is easily the best centre half in the team. 1st choice all the time.

Kamil Zayatte - Has brilliant stats for a championship defender but is a liablity as he makes many mistakes. should be playing alongside Gerrard as he is a good tackler.

Daniel Ayala (On Loan) - Brilliant prospect for the future but should only be used as back up as he is yet to cut it at this level.

Liam Cooper - Easily one of the best prospects at the club. He won't get many chances this year as he is 4th in pecking order. send him on loan to a league 1 team to gain experience.

Verdict : Loan out Liam Cooper to gain first team experience

Central Midfield :

Robert Koren - This player is premiership class, Hull are lucky to have such a talent in their squad. He is very skillfull and plays best in the centre allthough can be accomadated in the wide right posistion. 1st Team starter

John Bostock (On Loan) - John is young, fast and very technical. I think he plays best as a attacking midfield if using 1 striker up front. Otherwise backup to the rest of the central midfielders.

Ian Ashbee - The heart & Sole of the Cirt squad. 'Ash' is a fans favourite and has much needed experience. can be played as a holding midfielder in front of the defence.

Jimmy Bullard - Jimmy's quality is there for everybody to see, But he is not a consistent performer. is is a fantastic passer but shouldn't be played alongside Koren as none are good enough defending. Quality Midfielder.

James Harper - James plays best as a defensive midfielder. He should only be used as back up when he returns from injury as his physical and techincal skills are poor. He is a hard worker and never stops running.

Tom Cairney - One of the best young talents in the country. Tom's skill and passing is fantastic for a player of his age. I reccomend tying his contract down as alot of big clubs are intrested in him. Should be played in games you believe you can win

Verdict - If cash is needed then maybe cash in on bullard as he has high wages. Adequet cover is needed in the defensive midfield role as Harper isn't up to it.

Wide Midfield:

Richard Garcia - Richard is a very hardworking player and knows how to cross a ball. Should be in the starting line up as he is a god player.

Peter Halmosi - He is aging and his stats are declining, should only be used as backup. But i reccomend selling him and getting a younger left midfieder for the future as his wages are very high.

Nick Barmby - The vetaren midfielder is aging buit still has what it takes for this season. He can be started on the left side of midfield if you are unable to afford a new player for this posistion. He tired very easily and can barley finish a game.

Nolberto Solano - 'Nobby' has passed it and should be used as backup, if not placed in the reserves as there are 2 better right midfilders then him in Garcia and Fagan.

Craig Fagan - Allthough known to be a forward, i feel he works best in right attacking midfield as he has fantastic pace, dribbling but a low finishing stat. Shoul be rotated with Garcia.

Verdict: Offload Halmosi immidietly. A new left midfielder is needed to cement a first team posistion.


Mark Cullen - Again, he is a very good talent who needs as much game time as possible. he can't hit a barn door but he is young and learning, place him on the bench and bring him on regularly.

Jay Simpson - Arguably the best striker in the squad. He has fantastic finishing and pace and is a key player for the team.

Caleb Folan - He is injured at the start but he is a veyr poor championship player in my books. he has the height which may be needed in some games. contract expires at the end of the season and its reccomended not to be renewed. use him as back up if nessercery.

Verdict : A quality, tall target man is needed to play upfront with Jay. This posistion should be the highest priorty for a new signing.
Nice guide, detailed player-wise, but I feel it could be improved by adding potential tactics or formations.
Good job though.
Decent advice player wise but you could include things like formations, staff signings, how to improve finances etc etc
Anyone crazy enough to start a season with the mighty tigers I have some advice.

Obviously we have no cash to start with so loan signings are essential for a season with Hull

I only managed to sell Garcia, Halmosi and Kilbane from my squad. For a measly £1.2M. but thats extra £££ to spend on wages.

In my most recent game I sent back Ayala to Liverpool, Bostock to Spurs and Kept Gerrard on loan.

I got Vassell and Finnan on free transfers

I borrwoed Fabio Borini (chelsea) and Szczesny (arsenal) for the season & Seamus Coleman (Everton) and Fred Sears (West Ham) for 3 months.

Finnan Zayatte Gerrard Dawson
Coleman Bullard Ashbee Koren


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Ill probably Update my db and start over after an update for the Jan transfer window is available