I accidentally named myself ‘Failure’


Jan 30, 2024
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I decided I’d relive the glory of my early teens, playing CM3 with Brazilian side Corinthians.

It was a complete random reason I chose to play with them back then, but as for many of us, I guess, it created a strong bond with the club. I’m from Sweden so I didn’t really have a relationship with the club before that.

This Saturday I thought to myself I’d try a bit of FM24, the game being on GamePass and all. Corinthians just felt like home.

Decided I’d make a Brazilian manager (my go to is usually an Argentinian manager, but that didn’t sit well for me playing in Brazil). I just randomly wrote a ‘Brazilian sounding name’.

Paulo Falha Ursinho.

I had a hinge ‘urso’ was something along the lines of ‘bear’. I like languages and ‘ursus’ is Latin for bear. And the -inho thing is just mandatory. So sort of ‘the small bear’, I guess? Neat.

‘Falha’, however, means ‘failure’ it turns out. Gave me a good laugh.

Paulo the Small Bear Failure.
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