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Jun 18, 2010
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Luis Figo to start long awaited management career?

Luis figo is set to announce his first team in management as he comes out of a football hiatus to start his new career. Figo is a well respected footballing alumni and has had a very impressive playing career. Playing for 4 big European sides.
Years Team
1989–1995 Sporting CP
1995–2000 Barcelona
2000–2005 Real Madrid
2005–2009 Internazionale

In this time Figo as won 4 La liga tittles2 with Barcelona and 2 with Real Madrid and 4 Serie A titles With Internazionale And 1 champions league title with Real Madrid.
He was a part of the Portugal golden generation
In this time he was a runner up in the European Championship with Portugal
With such a great playing Career it will be interesting to see how Figo develops as a manager more on this story as we get ti.

Figo to start Managment career in German First Division?
Luis Figo as been Approached by Freiburg as manager it is said that Figo is set to accept the position and is excited to embark on a role in the german First Division.

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Reporter ‘Mr Figo it as been announced that you have taken up the managers position at F reiburg in the German First Division a lowly club expected to have a tough season what is the thinking here? Manay expected you to aim higher.

Figo ‘ Firsty i find that very disrespectful to my new employers. I am very excited to be here and was offered the job before anyone else and decided id had enough time out of football and would give it a go i feel the squad is of a good standard and look forward to developing this club further.

Reporter ‘firstly sorry was meaning to be disrespectful just with your reputation in football many believed a bigger club would be your first job, and secondly what si the contract you have signed and your ambitions for the club?
Figo ‘ ive signed a one year contract as i want to justify myself as a manager before i sign a long term contract with a club and will be aiming to play good football and try to pass the ball with flair and precision. And i will aim to stay consolidate Freiburgs position in this league. Thank you for your time i will be getting of now to see my players and staff.

First team 11 and Tactics

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Best players and main preospect

Oliver Bauman He is a good young GK With very good reflexes and at one on one s should be very reliable when called uopn.

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CB Fallou Diagne

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Another young player and probalbly the best and mopst important player in the team with all round good defensive attributes

DM and CM

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Karim Guede And Julian Schuster

Guede is a very good anchor man and as good workman like abilites and strenght very important player

Schuster is a more all round player and makes up for Guede's lack of speed and can take all set pieces will be very important and a creative spark

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Max Kruse very good player potentially and can offer lots of positions and may be used to cover in left back if needed but will be my main cteative player mainly and is good off the ball.

Main Prospect Matthias Ginter

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Very good young player will be hard to keep old of but will be a main stay for years if can be kept and is very good alongside Diagne. very important player and will be amazing if developed properly.

First and only sigining

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with a lack of attacking talent i snapped him up as soon as i saw him as a lot to offer the team and a better finisher then any other player in the squad with good target man abilites also will be very important this season

Signed for my transfer budget at 1.2 million


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Friendlies and August results to follow