hey bud,

1) how long have you been playing the fm/cm series?
2) are you playing FMC or normal
3) do you do your own teamtalks/match prep/etc
4) are you a football fan in real life?

the reason why I ask is that it takes a while to get good at this game, success does not just happen game after game, its not like plugging in Battlefield or something else and playing it and completing it, it has a much longer learning curve and the more you know and understand, the easier it becomes

what I suggest you do is start with United/City/Real/Bayern and really spend the time learning the ins and outs of the game! do everything yourself, even if it takes you 2 weeks to complete pre-season!

good luck
ok cool mate, as I said, just take the time and practice, learn the game, learn the tactical/training aspects, ask questions on the Base, read up even more :)
I remember when I first played fm on pc(CM3) I was so **** I nearly got relegated with Bayern. However I then played tons, and I mean like 2 hours a day on the PSP with FMH5-8 and when I found that really easy I switched back to fm(2010) and I had to learn all over again, however, having played so much on PSP I had understood the game and my learning curve was much faster.
So my advice, keep at it, persevere and you will get somewhere.