I am not disciplined enough for my players......


Jan 2, 2011
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I have had a number of my players saying that they want a more disciplined approach to the game.

What am I doing worng and what do you suggest I do to appease them.

I'm playing as chelsea.
when they get sent off either warn them or fine their wages....
maybe you give them too much freedom tactically as well? make them more rigid and disciplined in formation and the way they play as well? not sure if this makes a difference, but if they are upset with 'approach to the game' it sounds like it could be that, thats all :)
Use your team talks to shout at them when they are not performing...
If there is a bad result then slam them, If they are trailing in half time, slam them. Also if there is a red card (2 yellows) then warn them but if there is a red card (straight red) then fine them 1 or 2 week depending on the foul, if you are not sure then do 1 week. Hope this helps.
The main reason for this happening is that you do not fine or warn a player if he is sent off which can often upset other member's of the team.
yup fine if your player undisciplined and praise them if play good
I hv not tried Fm11 yet but in FM10,i gave the concerned players new contract and the problem get sorted!! :)
Cool, I've been playing it nicey nicey, and was going well. But things have just gone a bit sour! so people are getting tetchy! I'll give that lot a go
Usually go with Warning for the first red, 1 week fine for the second red, 2 weeks for the third, that way you won't risk them thinking the fines were unfair as much as if you outright fine them for the first offense.
Critiscise bad performance, give more harsh team-talks to certain players. Fine red cards etc..
I just ask them to see if we can get on with our jobs when they bring it up in conversation. Does the trick.
I give 1 week fine if 2 yellows n 2 weeks if straight red, Usually get the fewest cards in the league