I can't change my skin


Apr 15, 2009
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I did follow the instruction. Untick the skin cache and tick the save reload bla bla bla.. But the problem is... i can't see those skin when i click the skin. It shows FM 2008, FM 2009 and FM2009 right.. tat's all. No matter how skin i put into the skin folder, i stil can't see... can anyone of you guys out there solve my problem???
Have you used winrar to download it? if so extract the file into the correct folder.
i extracted.. but i can't see anything... quite frustrating..
This is annoying me aswell. I don't know what to do. I put them in my graphics folder? but then what, like xiaomiin i only have those 3 options :(
there is a default skins folder in your Football Manager 2009 folder...u got to put the extracted folder of the skins into that....u will see that the default skins are in that folder too....hope this helps...
i downloaded the skins off of the website but i can't get them onto my fm11 i only have the three basic skins on the list, how do i get downloaded skins onto my fm11?