Jun 6, 2009
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Can anybody help me, I'm playing as Aston Villa, playing a 4-4-2 (two centre mids and an AMR and AML. I don't have a problem with scoring, I have a problem with conceding too many goals. Can anybody help me with these three areas:

1) Does anybody have a link to a good teamtalk guide? I used to use one from here for FM2010 but it doesn't work for 2011. If I'm winning at half time, I know that I'm going to lose or draw. My last game I was 2-0 up at home against bottom of the league at half time, then I lost 3-2. It seems that my teamtalks don't have any effect or are counter productive.

2) What shouts and styles of play should I use? When I've been winning I've tried everything from Counter, Defensive, Contain, Control but all with no luck. I haven't tried any shouts yet though. Any suggestions?

3) Does anyone have a defensive tactics that I should use, such as time wasting, higher pressure, etc. At the moment I set my fullbacks to "Defend" since I don't like them charging up the field.

post a screen shot of your team and tactics. are you playing the centre mids defensive, support or attacking? whats your plaing mentality
If your winning at HT , a good choice for a teamtalk would be not to get complacent.
Have you tried switching to Contain or Defensive after taking the lead.
Using one of them , with Retain Possession, Pass to feet and Play safer would almost certainly minimise the threat of conceding

Edit : Sorry didn't read the part where you said you'd tried Contain etc , I suppose you could still try the Touchline Shouts
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View attachment 120626 It took me a while to work out how to do this. By the way the team that you see lined up is not my full team, but I just noticed that I'm playing with a high defensive line which is not wise when I have slow centre backs such as Dunne.
Sorry, it's a bit small, bare with me a second while I upload a bigger one.
I can't see the players mate , it's too small

Edit : Okay then :)
Seems like you suffering from Arsenalitus :p
Maybe when you get a lead set your team strategy to defensive
You have a pretty good team there actually ,
It could be because you have 'Creative Freedom' on 'More Expressive' if your leading and your defender's are trying to take people on or wander up front , it is bound to lead to goals.
If I was you , when I take a lead I would tone the 'Creative Freedom' down a bit , if that doesn't work i'm not sure what it could be mate.
Thanks for the input people. I'll try those suggestions out.
Don't sit back and try to hold your lead- Go out for more goals, to finish off the opposing team. Also try and replace any players with a short condition %
First game since this thread was against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, I lost that 3-1, which is understandable.
Second game was Man City at home, which I won 3-2. I scored first, they equalized due to my centre back trying to take on Tevez and he lost the ball and Tevez scored, then I scored again late on to make it 2-1, at this moment I took all of your advice, set to defensive, 5 at the back, anchor man, low creativity for defenders, etc. Then I scored another on the break to make it 3-1, then they scored straight from the kick off to make it 3-2. So far so good, very nearly threw away the lead though.
I said that I'd keep you updated, so here goes. In the screenshot here, at the top with bad results against Boro, Liverpool and Blackburn is when I made this thread. Since then I've had very good results after giving my defence tactics a shake up and taking all your suggestions into action when I'm leading. And I'm pleased to say that I've had a great results and only 4 losses, 1 draw, and 18 wins out of 23 games. I've beaten Arsenal twice, Man U once, and Man City once, those are the top three teams in the league at the moment. Thanks for your help, it seems to have worked, I have not threw away a lead since.
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