I created a 132 club, 5 nation, self contained and 100% fictional database complete with full graphics! (FM22)

May 15, 2023
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This database contains 5 separate nations each with their own league systems. It is the second version of my little side project and its ready to be shared with the cruel world of the internet!

Via the FM22 editor, I have created a 132 club database that is complete with 5 nations, 13 separate leagues, 2 continental competitions, and a "Nations Cup" that is my version of the World Cup! It is 100% self contained, meaning clubs in my fictional nations cannot sign and register non "fictional" players, you might as well be playing a save on Mars. The entire world is based off of a Minecraft server my friends and I played on from 2011ish to around 2019. The continent is called "Conitum"

This database contains 5 separate nations each with their own league systems. Each nation is based off of an IRL nation, meaning the club names follow that IRL nations naming schemes (it is called SOCCER in the UDC) and in game speaks that nations language. First is the "Second Commonwealth", which is a majority desert island in the far north based on Spain and Latin America. There are two leagues of 10 clubs, bottom gets relegated, 9th and 8th place play a playoff for the second relegation spot (and vice versa for the second division). Clubs play each other club 4 times for a total of 36 matches. Liga Norte Premera and Liga Norte Segunda are usually considered the 2nd best league system in the world. Clubs here play for the Copa Sangre as their national cup competition, while Liga Premera clubs play for Copa Uno and Liga Segunda clubs play for Copa Dos as League Cups (I am super creative with names). The next two nations, the Kingdom of Monsonia and the Peoples Republic of Poisson follow the same league structure (2 leagues of 10, a league cup for each league and a national cup). The mountainous Island Kingdom of Monsonia contains the Monsonian Championship League and the Monsonian Promotion League and is based off of England and Scotland. These clubs play for the King Douglas Cup and the League Cup or Challenge Cup depending on league level. Next we have our token Communist State, the Peoples Republic of Poisson. The PRP is based off France and contains Ligue 1 Poisson and Ligue 2 Poisson. These clubs play for the Coupe Parti National, with the Coupe Calvary and Coupe Revolution being used as league cups.

Things change a little bit with our next nation, the Templon Confederacy. The Templonians are based off of Hungary and is the smallest and lowest quality league in Conitum (but watch out because a few clubs can sneak up on you). Templon Liga contains only one level of 8 teams, these teams play each other 4 times each for 28 games. The Konfoderacios Kupa is the highest cup competition in the country and starts out with a 4 team, double round robin Group Stage before going into knockouts. The less important Liga Kupa is also played, which is a straight knockout cup. Last we have the largest nation in the world. The United Districts of Conitum takes up around 65% of the continent and is based off of the United States. The UDC has 4 leagues of 16 clubs for 64 clubs total, the Districts Gold, Silver, Bronze and Coal Leagues. The clubs in these leagues play each club twice for 30 games. The United Districts Cup is their version of the FA cup and starts with a double round robin group stage, with each group containing 1 club from each league, before the knockout round. Each league also plays in the Platinum, Steel, Copper, or Tin Cups, which is considered their league cup.

Last, we have the continental competitions. The pinnacle of football in Conitum is the Conitum Champions Cup. All 5 national champions qualify for this season long competition and are thrown into a single table. A double round robin is played, and the top 2 teams advance to the duel legged Champions Cup Finals at the end of the season for a chance to become World Champions. The 2nd to 4th place teams (2nd to 5th in the UDC) qualify for the Conitum Super League, which is a Europa League style tournament (4 team double round robin groups, then knockouts). Last, is the Conitum Nations Cup, which is played every other year in January (probably should mention the Conitum League season runs from March to November). All 5 nations qualify for the Nations Cup, and it follows a similar format as the Champions Cup (5 teams in a group, double round robin, top two move on to the final).

All clubs are fully created with stadiums and rivalries as well as logos and home/away uniforms. Reputations are also set, and big clubs usually stay big due to larger stadiums and more gate money. Finances are in line with the modern day premier league (basically just copied everything over from England in the database) and seems stable as far out as 10 years (that was the longest test save I ran, no reason why things shouldn't be fine farther out than that). The world also has a ton of "lore", but I won't go into that here, I need to not out myself as the biggest nerd ever (I can go more in depth in the comments if necessary).

Here are the links to the database files as well as the graphics pack. If you do want to play the save, only load the files you download, you cant sign any players from the real life world anyway, so no reason to load them up. Years 1 to about 6 of the save are weird due to how player generation works when you load leagues with no players (make sure the generate fictional players box is checked on world creation) so I would recommend either simming out 6-10 years then applying for jobs, or starting on year 1 but handicapping yourself for a bit. It is way to easy to create a super team year 1 if you don't!

DATABASE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lcdb73bnx7nosiy/CONITUM_DATABASE.zip/file

GRAPHICS: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5h3wf81bbxx4iyx/CONITUM_GRAPHICS.zip/file