I created a new patch, and downloaded it from Steam. Why does he not work in my game?


May 18, 2017
Hello everyone!

I used Football Manager 2017 Editor, and I made a new patch Called "FM17 New Database Changes".
I have increased the number of teams in the big leagues (for example: 24 teams instead of 20 teams
in the Premier League; 22 teams instead of 18 teams in Bundesliga).
Also, I clicked on "Test Competitions" and "Run At A Time" in the Football Manager 2017 Editor, before I saved.

After I posted the patch at the Steam Workshop, I click on "Subscribe" to download the patch that I made.
When I start a new game, there was no change in my game database.
As well, I purchased the "Football Manager 2017 In-Game Editor" via Steam.

Is there any other way to Increase the number of teams in various leagues?