I feel our relationship has broken down - Is this resolvable?


Jul 21, 2009
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Well my star player said he wanted to leave and I said the wrong things and now he says he doesn't want to talk to me anymore because he feels our relationship has broken down. Is there anyway to resolve the situation or will I be forced to sell him?
I feel our relationship has broken down - Is this resolvable?

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Seriously, play him often and he'll be fine
Have to admit, I've yet to find a way around this. Played him for another season, and when he left the club, told the press he was glad to leave and get away from me. Gimp.
just a regen from 2031 season. Was an absolutely fantastic midfielder. Cost £220,000 in wages a week though which hurt

I had the same situation with Ribery, just play and when he plays well try talk to him (i am aware that he will say "i relationship has broken down and dont want to speak to you anymore) you will eventually be able to praise his performances again and you can then rebuild your love, i mean relationship :p
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I've had this quite a few times. A lot of getting around it is luck. When it happens is very important. If it's just after the transfer window closes is probably the best time. You leave them to sulk for a while. Then if the club are doing well and you start playing them they might boost their morale. It also depends how good they are. I've had some players go into a sulk, demand a transfer, but because they only average no one comes in for them and they are stuck at the club. You should be able to bring them round in this situation. Usually it's them coming to you and saying they want to stay. Say no and stick them in the reserves!
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I've yet to find a way to resolve things like this. Sell and move on is all I can do tbh.
Its resolvable, but I think it depends on players proffesionalism.
i had a young player that did this and i tried playing him as regularly as i could but nothing happened then i switched his transfer status as indespensable and not transfer listed and within about 2 clicks of continue he said he had resolved his problems with me. whether it was because of that i dont know but i had been playing him regular and he wasnt even playing as well as he could have been so i dont know properly.
sign players/ staff he recommends, praise him when its due, make him captain/vice captain, all of this will alter the negative score he has on you...