I found this amazing American wonderkid Regen that could be better then Wayne Rooney.


Aug 3, 2012
His name is Sal Gordon, I was scouting him for years since his draft to the MLS by Kansas City, he was incredible in that year, I then scouted him to see that he had 3 star rating...

When it comes to 2013 He is a beast, He played for R.Madrid (0 Appearances and 0 Goals) I then left him from my eye and focused to my other shortlisted players, in 2014 he joined Tottehem (Sorry I spelt it wrong) He was just amazing, He scored 30 times in 34 appearances. I then scouted him when I got the Leeds job and saw he was a 5 Star for Recently, Promoted Clubs in the EPL. I then got the Arsenal job after a successful year with Leeds and scouted out Gordon, he had 4.5 stars and it said he is much better then Robin Van Persie, I plan to leave him for a few years as he develops to a 5 star with ARSENAL, This is claiming he could be the best striker in the EPL, As I looked through it, Wayne Rooney is only 4.5 stars and I was just so happy.

Remember this is 2015 and he is 22 years old, What year do you think I should buy him?


Feb 6, 2009
dude, is this for Fm11?

Deal or No deal thread?

post a screenshot of the player..

we cannot assist you without it