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i gave up to find the best strategy on fm

Dec 11, 2010
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I just want to share and hoping to get any useful information and opinion from FM 2013 expert here..

I am using ac Milan for FM 2013, young team with great potential. I really loves this type of team.
My team perform very unstable, I already done what most FM player do to build wonderful team.
Changing the non quality staff, the training for each player. Good morale squad, and endless tactical tweaking, I even used the tactical theorems 09, cause I stuck with this day approached.

This is my second seasons and things getting worse. Win lose win and lose again. I win with really tight score, and almost due to miracle. And lose in badly score.

did I left something ? Or this FM version is getting worse. This is the most difficult FM version I ever played since cm 03/04.

Please help me, any comments I really appreciate. Thanks fellow manager..