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I got a negative balance after takeover


Aug 2, 2020
Hello all,

I am playing with my 100+ years save of Arsenal till game time 2120, experienced couple times of build new stadium and ownership takeover before.

In the latest game time, we have a very rich balance, about 1.2 billion, at club.

However, once again the current chairperson stepped down and sold the club to a Consortium, the club got a deficit balance of -2.2 B when the takeover complete, despite a 1.4 B investment made by the new owner as he claimed. But where do that amount go?

That's a huge amount of financial hole and very likely will make my team destructed. I have try to Save and Load and it never fix this kind of bug.

Please leave your advise or experience.


May 3, 2010
Its because u had too much in bank balance its a bug i think u cant have that much. If u have above specific number it goes into minus. Try buy some player for ridiculous money to lower balance before it happens and u are safe. Idont know exactly what number it 8s but when i give teams too much money in editor this happened too. Its some sort of protection against stockpiling too much money. It works evrn for the ai in same way
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