Jan 8, 2009
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It also got me thinking given the amount of goals Gabbiadini scored for United 8 lol. What the most goals you've had a player score in one game? View attachment 331545
that must of been some commitment getting leyton orioet in the premier league! fair pllay what tactic you use?

It was a bit difficult! I had to basically clear almost the full squad when I joined and brought in some very decent young players and free transfers.

I used this 4-4-2 tactic and still use it to this day. It works much better once you have a good team but it can still help a poor team rise through the leagues. Had to train my players into the proper positions and roles to make it very effective.**************jassar.html
I haven't had a player score more than a hat-trick since Leigh Griffiths got one for my Celtic side (against some crappy SD2 team) in FM11. Before that, I think the last time was an awesome regen who bagged 6 for my Forest side a few years back (not 100% on the opposition but my gut tells me it was a CL game against Zenit).

It just seems like every time a player gets a hat-trick for me either they switch off and suddenly become useless, or the AI goalie suddenly becomes Superman against that particular forward, no matter how well we're playing, who we're playing, how attacking we're playing, or anything. I've had a striker score a hat trick in the first 10 minutes of a game and then completely fluff the rest of the chances, even hitting the crossbar a couple of times with an open goal :S
Formiga has got a sweet barnet haha. Yeah i think the most i've personally had would be like 4 or 5. I do also agree that once a player gets his hattrick it becomes more difficult.
In FM10, i managed Malaga F.C., and lost 10-0 to F.C. Barcelona :'(, Bojan scored 9 goals -_-''
LOL Bojan

I once had Mattia Destro score 6 goals for Dortmund, in a friendly. He came for free and performed much better than 36-€-million Leandro Damião.
Yassine Benzia has scored 4 goals in one match, in 2 consecutive seasons.