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I Have Big Problems With Tactics

Dec 7, 2020
Actually, I'm not a novice in Football Manager. I started to play this game when the name was Championship Manager and played all the games between CM 03-04 and FM 2017. After 2017, I stopped playing and now I'm trying to play FM 20 but I'm terribly unsuccessful. I'm about to start thinking I have some problem with understanding what I read or watch. I've read all the guidelines on the web about tactics, watched some videos on Youtube. However, I could not crete any successful tactics. It's just to hard for me. I do not talk about an ordinary failure. All tactics I create are terribly unsuccesful. I can lost without a shot on target to the last team in the league without a single win until they play against me. I tried to distribute roles in a balanced way, tried to make small changes in ready to use tactics (gegenpress, tiki taka etc.). I tried every single method. None of them are working. In fact, the last season I became successful with ready to use Tiki Taka tactic of the game. However, it only lasted fo one season. . I can only be successful with the tactics I download from the internet. When I try to create similar tactics, they do not work. I concede 10 shoots on target in the first 15 minutes of game. If I lose the games with a good effort on the pitch, I would not mind it. However, my situation is not like that. I believe I can finish the league in the relagation with Liverpool, Bayern Munich etc with my tactics if I choose these kind of teams. What should I do ?
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Dec 24, 2015
Uninstall the game and then burn it!... It is clear that the game has gotten worse, since there are fewer and fewer people playing it, and that is seen in the tactical variety that existed in 2009, 2012 or 2013... and what there is now. People have lost interest, and if there is no one who detected an exploit, there is little to do because of the difficulty and nonsense of the match engine in recent years
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