Jan 23, 2010
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I know this is totally amateur but I'm relatively new to FM, only started last season with FM10 and I am incredibly ****. I always seem to start well and then just flap it, my best ever season I got Palermo to 4th in serie A and thats about my best achievement. This time round i started off as Udinese and got sacked after finishing 12th despite being top 4 at Xmas and then got the AC Milan job and lost the Champions league final in my first game.

So basically how the **** do i stop being woeful at a game which consumes so much of my time, i would very much like to be the Jose Mourinho of the football manager world and have, in desperation, turned to the tactical genii at Fm-base to help drag me out of my slump!!!!
Well if you want to challenge yoursefl, then suck it up, accept your flaws and try to improve on them.

4th with palermo and 12th with Udinese isn't exactly ****, and taking a job just before the champions league final is a poison chalice.

If you are looking for an easy option, try a tactic made by another user from our downloads section. Or try managing at a bigger club, with better players, until you are confident enough to take on a lesser team.