Jan 7, 2013
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It's almost like its a bug. I'm currently managing West Ham after a long spell in Norway. I had my shares of injuries in Vålerenga, but after signing for WH players fall out almost every week. Not only do I get a lot of players out for 3-4 weeks, but I also see that one or two faces gets a knock in game every match.

I have a good physio, 5 star training, and medium workload on training. Anyone struggling with the same problems??
Me too. I'm in my second season, third game in, and I have 5 players injured. All of them are fairly long term, the shortest being 3 weeks, the longest being 4 months. Is it the start of a new season on yours? Just wondering if it's because the players are maybe a bit "rusty". Other than that, I haven't a clue.
I'm 9 games into the season. But this was also a problem late last season when I took over the club. At least I've used the summer to strengthen the width of the squad. Maybe it will help focusing on physics in training? I've been focusing on getting my tactics fluid.
I find this is a problem when players start the match with fitness of less than 100%. I try and have a squad of 2 teams to get around it but not possible if you have a small wage budget.
That was what I did back in Vålerenga too. And still is my intention. However, it takes a while to build a strong enough side to cover all positions. I used to have at least three decent options, three men who could step in without lowering the standards too much.

Sure injury crisis happens in RL too, just take a look at Newcastle Utd. this year. But sometimes I really wonder if I'm actually playing Battlefield 3 or something.. Its like the plague all over again.
What's really annoying from me is I know if one of my strikers get injured, It's almost 50% more likely that one of my other strikers are going to get injured. Beginning of my current season my right back got injured fairly early on The next match my backup rightback got injured. Then got a right back on loan to cover these injuries and his second match he got injured. No other member of the team got injured during this time
Same shiiite going on here. It extremely important to have a strong and wide squad. My rule is to have at least 5 or 6 central midfielders who can step in and really do the job. ATM in playing a lone striker, but still I need at least 3 players ready to step up at all times. And another thing I've noticed is that injury crisis often play out in the latter stages of the transfer window. Im sure the developers thought that it would add some difficulty, but its just annoying.. It's a roulette that spins from position to position.
Anyone else notice during a game that the position you do not have cover for the bench gets injured or is getting the worse rating in your team ?
Anyone else notice during a game that the position you do not have cover for the bench gets injured or is getting the worse rating in your team ?
mate i notice that like say i had no defenders on my bench then suddenly one of my defenders gets injured straight away without taken a knock
Yes , I suspect it written in for some reason. But I can not see the advantage of having say 4 strikers on the bench.
Fm does this cruel thing to me. It injures my young/third choice for a certain position so I don't really notice anything. Then it injures my second choice for that position and I still don't really mind as he isn't important. So I forget about it. Then my first choice gets injured and when I go to replace him I see that all my over backups got injured aswel. It's scary.
It normally happens to my gk.
Must admit I have played 10 seasons with 2-3 GKs and I can only remember 1 of them getting injured for a few weeks in all that time. I do rotate them every few games though and they are top keepers in the game.
I seem to have the problem where a player gets injured during a match and the cover on the bench when they replace the injured player promptly get injured as well. 9 times out of 10 this is when all my subs are used as well.