Jan 16, 2012
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Firstly this is not me moaning at the game i am just posting my experience with the game and asking for some help because all everyone ever tells me not only on these forums but others are that when my team lose it is my fault but they never tell me how i can go about fixing it so i just end up getting frustrated with the game and never enjoy it. My problem revolves mainly around the bigger leagues anything npower league 2 and up i'm fine with the smaller clubs and even got my hometown club 4 consecutive promotions to turn us professional but the minute i start managing a professional club it all goes downhill and i just don't know what to do yes i have tried changing my tactics its not even like i just cant manage small clubs as no matter who i choose man city or man utd barcelona or bayern munich i never even last the season. So i am asking for help to try and explain why i just cant win its even got to the point i loaded up fm12 yesterday please do not suggest me playing fm classic either as i have tried that and it is just boring.
international footballer i change it to suit what club i am taking over so for instance if i am managing my home tome town club i will start with sunday league footballer.
is it a case of your team are doing well but then suddenly drop? if so it could be complacency slipping in
no its just a case of my team starting out he season poorly and continuing like that then im sacked by december.