I Know Im Way Behind But....


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Jan 28, 2006
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Bought the first 2 seasons of 24 a couple of weeks ago and have nearly finished the first season. And its lived up to all the hype. Wasnt too keen on Kiefer Sutherland which is why I never watched it before but Im watching 5 or 6 episodes at a time. Not bad at 18 quid a season.

Stilll prefer The Shield though :D
i just caught up recently as well m8, gt season 1 4 my birthday and gt the rest on loan from my m8 lol, finishd sesons 4+5 in 2 days lol, bt betta than the shield, even tho it is class
i wouldn't worry about being way behind, i have never watched an episode of 24 and they're into series 6 or summit i was told the other day. must have a go watching one day when i have a good week free
I only started watching 24 after the fifth season was almost finished and i've finished them now. I'm going to wait for season 6 to finish before starting to watch that :thup:
Well seeing as Ive lost all the Sky channels I wouldne have been able to watch season 6 anyway. But by the time it comes out on DVD I should have caught up anyway. Just ordered season 3.
by general consensus 3 is the worst, bt i still think its realli gd lol
na season one is the worst , his wife and daughter are intolerable
lol, bt the shoot out @ the end more than makes up 4 it i think, 5 the best tho?
i certainly think its got better as its gone along

its made some right heroes and most have died tbf , you just know jacks going to die somehow in the end

bet george mason comes back and pwns him or sumthin!

season 6 is going really well at the moment too

not too sure about a film though - dunno how that will work :S
lol, 24s unrealistic bt tht wld b takin the **** lol, bt deff herd rumors tht jack gts seripusly injured and saved in this series, bt in regard 2 the fil, cld u c ppl spendin 18hrs in a cinema? nd btw, any characters left from season 1 APART from jack?
They already said they would abandon the real time concept for a movie and it will take place in-between seasons seven and eight. Also, Chloe is still kicking.
My bad then, just seems like she's been around forever. Had a look on wiki and found that there is one person who's been on every season, Aaron Pierce. ;)
he on 6 as well? no hes on 1, wen the hes briefin the cia/fbi on the hitmen on palmer