I know it's a dumb question but I've got problems with a database...

May 27, 2010
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I created a lower Welsh league database for fm2012 and tried loading it in the FM2013 editor to find that all my created teams are not showing and some of the competitions have changed. Does this mean that I have to recreate the whole league again using the 2013 editor or have a missed something that would make the FM2012 db compatible with the FM2013 editor?
Yeah its not compatible with fm2013. I tried the same thing with an old legends database i created for fm2013 so had to start from sratch again :(
Thanks for the reply meb1976. oh well, time to dust off all those notepads again,, grrrrrr! On a different question, I'm getting conflicts with editor with relegation and promotion issues. How do I promote 2 teams from a lower division into a higher one with 6 sub divisions? Keep getting an error that no of teams is different from promotion tier to higher tier. Any thoughts anyone? Or even a dummy guide for promotion/relegation link would be helpful. Thanks in advance folks!