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I need a bit of help with some created players

Aug 3, 2013
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Hey guys, I don't normally post here but I need to as a last resort. Basically, I'm ok with the editor and I'm able to create players/teams easily but anyway, I made a post on reddit where people submit a player and I'll make them in the editor, give them a random PA and monitor their footballing career. I was expecting 10-20 submission but instead I got 166...yeah that's quite a lot more than I was expecting. So to help out I asked a friend who did half the players for me and did an incredible job, doing them better than me. So I merged the two files and we had all 166 players as expected but we noticed that there was 35+ nationalities and it would just take hours to simulate one day if we loaded them all up so to get around this we decided to place all the players onto a BSP team and just release them on the first day. This was fine except it only loaded the players I created onto the team. So I decided to put all his players onto and different team and just create two managers and release all the players...except his players still aren't showing up, I mean they're showing up in the editor but not in game...any ideas?

If it help, here is a like to the .xml file: The Great Player Project.xml