I need a challenge or something to keep my mind busy. Ideas?


Feb 2, 2009
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Hey guys and gals.

So I am a bit of a veteran with the series and have done a story or two before and I am looking for a new one that will keep my mind busy and active.

I am looking for you and your ideas to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing once again.

Thank you for any replies no idea is a stupid idea.
I can't decide whether to start in bsn/s as an unknown and work my way up either as just a manager or keep with one club and take them places or go to a huge club as an unknown and try to change the world through trouble and strife or even take a club on the brink of collapse and try to save them and turn around the fortunes or maybe even wake a sleeping giant from a long slumber :/

I need you help!
You could manage Bradford or Wimbledon with the aim of getting back in the premier league.