i need a challenge


Jan 10, 2006
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i am getting worried that i might be getting bored of fm due to the fact i am always succesful. are the any clubs in the english/scottish leagues which are hard to do well with?
just be someone in the conference

they are all pretty ****
Conferance is **** easy league, go Rotherham poor squad with no money :D
r u **** successful james............ur only succesful wen u win the prem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a go with Scarborough in Conference North :)
try yeading in the conference south.

took me 7 seasons to get to the prem league before the ******* thing crashed!!
unlucky! look on the brightside, FM2007 out in a month and abit!!
FM 2007 will probably be out around November 4th.
2 things
Go a team, i dont care who, and make a rule that you MUST accept any offers made on any players


go a lowley team froma lowely league, its easy to be successful in england in prem with money and players, but try winning champions league with ogryte from sweden or basel for that matter

I myself can manage to take ANY team that start in teh prem to consecutive titles and consecutive champions league titles with very little effort, but i am ogryte and after 5 seasons, i have only managed to make it into group stages of champions league 1 time,
Yeh it is easy with Premiership teams to win the league after a year or two as you can attract big players so easily even with a top half finish under your belt.
FM 2007 will probably be out around November 4th.

I heard end of middle to end of october, just hoping *fingers crossed*

and from all reports FM2007 looks very impressive, probably why ive pre-ordered it, things take too long to get released in Aus.
haha u shud be sum1 frm australia n try n win champs league lmao..impossible:D