Aug 1, 2012
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Here are my current strikers:
09e66b7a96ad61b02cf25e709f03048e.png He has 2 * current ability and 5* potential.
fa00f1b7e4b927dc8bd8fed3b35d0d7f.png He has 1.5 * current ability 4.5 star potential.
Falcao 5* 5* of course

Should I get this guy for 8 million 2* current ability and 4.5* potential for 8 million.a4052dd90f5dcc2f43a99a11259106ca.png

Also I have Defoe who last year I loaned to Swansea and he was somehow Bpl top scorer :'( but I am going to sell him now his value is higher
Well basically here are my questions:
1) Should I sign that striker?
2) What would be the best way to rotate all my strikers and still win ( basically what should I do with them )
3) Should I change my tactics for them?
4) Anyone got any other tactical tips?
1.) No. He'd just take away the chance to develop the talent you already have
2.) Bring them on every time you are safe in a game for the last 15-20 mins and start for all games you're more than likely to win.
3.) Of course. If you buy a new piece of furniture, you wouldn't just cram it somewhere it doesn't fit.