I need Help to creat two tactics please!


Nov 4, 2015
Hello guys

I am a fan of football manager since a lot of time. I need your help to create two tactics intend to play 4-3-3 in the two tactics but one of the tactics I intend to play attacking football based on possession but to create scoring opportunities and in the other I intend to play counter attack with a fast footbal and solid form.

I trained the everton and I got fired , my tactics were 4-3-3 in one of them played in possession football and attacking way and the other was playing in counterattack but it did not work I am now in middlesbrough started badly but I put two tactics I had seen on this site and is working , but I like to play with my tactics because then I feel that the team won thanks to me and not the tactics of others.
If you can help me i would be delighted, i'm sorry for my bad english i hope you understand what i am saying.
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