Jan 21, 2013
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Hey guys.
I managing Hartlepool United in the premier league.
I got them back to back promotions to the top flight, the team is pretty weak, but strong in the championship.

I have played 8 games, and have got 4 points, 1 win and 1 draw. Im 19th in the league...
Its early stages but i dont want to leave it too late. I have tried my tactic that i used to get promotion from the championship but i keep conceding far too many goals. 8 against Manchester United, 5 against Southampton, 3 against Everton and 5 against Manchester City, all in a row.

ANYWAY... I dont want to bore you with all of that stuff... Im just aiming to beat relegation, and I dont see my team doing that if we keep performing like this.
I have used team meetings and talking to players about their performances but nothing seems to change.

I need help or advice on the matter, or any tactics that you use or any that are in the "Download Tactics" section that could help me. Cheers.
Hard to say without knowing your strengths and weaknesses but in generall, I would go for a formation that both lets us flood the midfield to keep possession and break up attacks/denying space as well as being able to launch quick attack. Why not a 451, using either defend, counter or Standar. Naturally , this only applies if you have a squad the fit the description.
Oh, don't download a tactic as you won't have a clue how and why it works/fails ( unless its more if a framework, like JPWoodys latest)
The tactic im currently using it attacking and very fluid and also Control and Fluid, I have been using it since league one and its worked perfect. Ive been promoted to the Premiership, and teams just rip me apart with passes. The formation is 4-2-1-2-1 with a loan striker.

My team is:

Connolly - Williamson - Hartley - Kennedy
Beckham - Potter
Franks - Poole

(No big names except Beckham, but he's 39 years old.)
Don't wanna sound like i'm being harsh or nasty but your team is very league 1 maybe low championship at a push but this is just my opinion but apart from that good job :)
Totally agree with yoblackcat. You've done brilliantly to get them
Back to back promotions. But sometimes need to sit back and hold
Your hands up and say my team is not strong and technically
Good enough to compete with an organised, tactician or technical teams.

So how do you compete & stop these teams you may ask?

Well like someone has already said you need to pack that midfield and id say play narrow. Don't let them
Spread your midfield apart to create gaps for there midfield to create things. Id play to DM just infront of the back four. Then 3 along the midfield and 1 up top and have it on balanced with counter attacks on. It's easier said than done especially when they have good creators on the ball.

Get back to me and let me know what happened. Id be interested to see what happens & how you get on.