Jul 10, 2013
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Hello! I want some help creating a tactic for Chelsea that suits the players i have on my team. I want the tactic to be offensive with lots of chances to score but also not to leave to much room for them to counter direcly. I want high possesion and passes. I have 2 attackers that i want to use. I want a tactic that will be good but get better when using shouts from the sideline if needed. This is my team and my substitues, their attributes and positions. If you need any more info to help ill see what i can do about it. View attachment 366933View attachment 366935View attachment 366937View attachment 366936View attachment 366940View attachment 366941View attachment 366942View attachment 366946View attachment 366947View attachment 366948View attachment 366949View attachment 366950uView attachment 366943View attachment 366944View attachment 366938View attachment 366939 View attachment 366945
That's some line up you have there :).

I read through your other thread, so I understand where you are coming from.

I guess the first things to consider will be style and formation, to fit in with your desire for offensive play, high possession but covering yourself from counter attacks.

As you are playing a team with very good mental attributes, a Fluid or even Very Fluid style would suit - coupled with a Control tactic. This should help you retain possession, passing the ball around patiently yet being wary of counter attacks.

Further, as you have a desire to play with 2 strikers, a 4-4-2 formation would fit - perhaps pushing the 2 wingers up to the AML/R positions instead of just a flat 4 across midfield. That would also fit in well with your more attacking midfielders, especially if you set their roles as Inside Forwards. The other 2 central midfielders would therefore need to be more defensive by nature - perhaps a DLP and a Central Midfielder, both with a defend setting. That could leave a large gap between midfield and attack, so setting one of your strikers with a "support" role (or even a Trequartista) will help overcome that.

Using those settings will give you are fairly high defensive line, so setting your keeper as a Sweeper Keeper can help provide cover. In terms of defenders, 2 Fullbacks with a support duty would be a good start, along with perhaps 1 Ball Playing Defender (to help link defence to midfield) alongside a regular CB or a Limited Defender.

To finish off, set shorter passing along with a fairly narrow width, more pressing and more aggressive tackling (I like more aggressive, not everyone does ;)). They should all help improve possession and hassle the opposition into making mistakes.

That should give you a fairly sound starting point - play around with settings from there and see how you get on. Just remember, when you change one setting it can have a knock-on effect to changing another setting, so always watch what happens when you change something.

One last thing - I'd also suggest changing each player's individual setting for Long Shots to "rarely", which will help your attackers get into better scoring positions rather than just taking long shots from all angles. It'll be ok to leave one or (at most) two with long shots "sometimes", but those players must have excellent stats for Long Shots and Technique.
okey ill try it :) what midfielders would u prefer then? khedira/busquets or özil/kroos with busquets/khedira?