I Swear This Is The Last Time! Colne FC Story Reboot..

Jun 28, 2011
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Let's Try That Again..

Several times I've started stories on my hometown non league team Colne FC. Residing in the 9th tier of english football. My mission was to take them from the North West Counties Premier all the way to the dizzy heights of the football league. Alas corrupted files and computers breaking down had thawted all my previous efforts. This time I'll try once and for all to acheive this feat. To improve the little guy's fortunes and create my own little footballing dynasty...

This series will show how I went about it and how well I actually did in reaching my lofty aims..

I'll definitely read this. I myself come back to FM 2012 from time to time, since my great Arsenal and Leeds teams are on that. Built to be gods of football, ya know.
Good luck!
Yep must agree logorex i too keep coming back to fm12... thinking of starting a new challenge on it but not sure what to do...

So due to the fact that managing a team this far down is a job from the ground up, I decided to add some funds to build the club up to standard in the future. I stole 12.5 million pounds from PSG . Although this is cheating, I won't be using the money to pay silly wages or buying want out lower league players. I'll be using it as a lump sum to improve the club's facilities and eventually pay better wages as we go up the levels. I pick PSG so I didn't disrupt the English game too much.

Coach Barter...

So one of the first steps is getting my own backstaff together. This team will help train my players, helping to hone their skills. Not only that help drill into them the tactics I will be using. So heres the first coaching staff

Assisstant Manager- Grantley Dicks
Brother of former West Ham player Julian Dicks. Has played for numerous non league clubs, Such as Bath, Forest Green, Newport County, Weston super-Mare and Gloucester. So plenty of non league experience.

Coach-Nathen Munson
36 year old coach with steady stats accross the board. Played for Colchester, Needham Market and AFC Sudbury.

Coach- Jonathan Henderson
I did bring him in to be a youth coach but signed him as a normal coach by mistake. Had been a youth coach for Welsh teams Merthyr and Merthyr Tydfil. Stats aren't brillant but had good attacking coaching.

Coach- Steve Wood

A regen coach who was brought in for his decent fitness coaching stats.

Goalkeeping Coach- Tim Mullock
Goalkeeping coach who played in the North East for Kidsgrove and North West for Hyde and Leek.

Physio- Lisa Hebden
Fomer member of the Soccor AM team. Has leaft working in tv for a career as a physio in non league football.

Scout- Barry March
A regen scout who was the best I could find at the moment..

Well that's the coaching staff. Next up the player's who will lead us to 9th tier glory!! (hopefully..)
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2012 is the one I keep going back to myself. Didn't buy 13, and 14 the ME just ruined it for me.

Assembling The (Budget..) A Team!

Starting with Colne the squad is a clean slate. Those greyed out players just aren't gonna cut it. So it's time to wade through the bargain bin that is our realistic targets. This means looking through the countless young players without clubs who haven't been snapped up by other teams yet. Also the grizzled veterans who still have something to offer and still have love enough for the game to play at this level for peanuts...Luckily with playing games at this level before I already had some go to players that I could tack down straight away. There were also some players I've never signed before. So time to check out our mix and match squad!


John Bateman - 22 year old former West Brom and Aberdeen Trainee
Gregory Hartley- 21.Former Man City youth.


Calum Flanagan 19 CB. Former Aston Villa trainee solid cb stats
Martin John 20 CB. Started out in th US with Ottawa Fury. Was with Agentinos in argentina. Moved to Britain spent time with Cardiff and Newport. Also a Gambian International.
Adam Dougan 19, CB/RB. Former Queen Of The South reserve.
Ed Williams 18,RB. Former Burnley youth. Coaches will say he's pretty average but does a solid job at this level and half not bad stats.
Sean Pike 20,LB. Released by Port Vale
Richard Cowen 19,CB. Another Former Burnley youth.
James Bonner 18, RB. Former Carlise youth brought in as backup and as a prospect for future.
David Duke 32,RB,LB. An older head in the squad. Signed on a free from Jarrow Roofing. Started at Sunderland, Had spells at Swindon and Darlington in the leagues.
Danny Cecil, 31,LB. Older player in as backup. Played for Croydon Athletic in the non league.
Dom Bates 19,CB. More backup will probably not feature in first team. Former Altrincham reserve.

Eric Farro 34,ALM,LB.Reunion player and great left winger for this or any non league level. Can also play left back too.
Patrik Vaz,32,ALM,CM. Another greatly skill midfielder for this level. Can also slot into the centre of the pitch when needed.
Willie Boland,36,CM. Veteran tough tackling CM with bags of experience. Played over 300 league games for Coventry,Cardiff and Hartlepool. Signed for free from Guisborough.
Harry Rubins,19,CM. Good young talent, Learned his trade at Chelsea and Bristol City.
Stephen Stirling,21,CM. Another great find. Former Rangers reserve. Great stats for this level.
Dominic Marella,21,ARM. Former Blackpool trainee,fell into non league with Burscough and Weymouth.
Taser Hassan,20,ARM. Released by Huddersfield. Son of actor Tamer Hassan.
Jordan Bowen,19,CM. Spent several years in Blackburns academy. Not the best tackler but has a decent amount of skill and flair.
Fraser Toms, 31,ALM,CM. An experienced backup to the first team. Started out at Charlton before moving to Barnet then played for a string of non league teams.
Stephen Connor,22,AM,CM,STK. Versatile player from Everton's youth set up. Will be able to cover several areas if injuries hit. Will also compete for the right wing role.


Marc Hughes, 21. Fomer player for Bohemians. Has the potential to be a counties level messi! Played in the Rep of Ireland. Starting with Bohemians. He pick up a League Of Ireland cup winner medal. Also on loan at Shelbourne he scored in the final of the Leinster senior cup picking up another winners medal. Mybe the fact that he wasn't really prolific meant he was released. He's a beast at this level on FM though.

David Lee,28. A more experienced head and another Irish front man. Again another poacher who can net a shed load of goals if he gets the support. Can also play the supporting role if need though. Played accross Ireland For the likes of Shelbourne, Monaghan Utd, Killkenny and Longford.

Jamie Forrester, 36. He getting pretty long in the tooth for a striker but you don't get much more experienced than him. He's played all over Starting out in France for Auxerre, He's played for Leeds, Grimsby,Southend,Scunt, Dutch premier Utrect for a short time, Northampton, Walsall, Bristol Rovers, Hull, Lincoln City and Notts County. All in all notching up over 480 league apps. Can still do a job too as a supporting striker. He's excellant at binging on young players too.

Gordan Patton, 22. A new player to me but has great stats and is still pretty young. Played a few games for Coltraine in N Ireland before being released.

Fergus Bell, 20. I've ended up with an embarassment of riches up front with all my targets wanting to join. His great stats meant I couldn't pass up signing him for the £80 a week he accepted. Usually goes to Conefence level clubs at least. Came from Sunderland and Hibernian.

Jack Jeffrey, 22. Unfortunately for him with all the firepower we have he'll stuggle to get a game. His wages are small and he's pretty decent backup if we get hit bad with injuries. From West Ham's youth set up. Spent time at Hampton and Richmond, Cambridge, Leyton Orient and Eastbourne Borough on loan. Move to Grays on a free before becoming a free agent.

So that's all the players I signed before the last game of pre season. Next up! Pre-season was it a confidence boosting success? Or did we stumble before we even got to the starting blocks?
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So it's the time to gel the team together. See how those tactics are working out. For me the gelling part would be a bit trickier maybe. With a whole squad of players thown together, from different areas, even countries. Still the lower levels would maybe be a more forgiving place for them all to find their feet in.


11/07/11 Colne 7-1 Selby.
Couldn't have asked for a better start! Old Warhorse Forrester bagged a hat-trick. Marc Hughes got himself a brace, Hassen got the other with an O.G making up the other goal.

15/07/11 Colne 3-2 Prescot.
We didn't have things all our own way against opponents a tier above. Gordan Patton and Marc Hughes had us 2-0 up at half time. Prescott hit back though first clawing one back, then levelling. An Alan Bailey O.G won us the match.

21/07/11 Colne 5-2 Flint Town.
Our young Irish strikers were on top form. Patton getting two and Hughes notching up a hat-trick as they blitzed Flint.

23/07/11 Colne 0-1 Hawardon.
We suffered our first loss. Having a look at some of the other players in our squad didn't go well. The team had a pretty poor showing.

25/07/11 Colne 4-3 Formby.
Third game in a pretty congested pre-season. Things started pretty well with a Hughes goal. Lax play though saw us eventually 3-1 down. Forrester gave us hope with a goal just before the break to put it 3-2. Making hard work for ourselves Hughes finally leveled on the 70 mark. Marella then left Formby deflated netting the winner on 86 mins.

29/07/11 Norton & Stockdon Ancients 0-3 Colne.
Our last game of pre-season and our only away trip proved a fine end to a pretty good pre-season in the end. Looked more a working team as we ran out easy winners. Lee getting his first and Hughes with another, While and own goal sealed the victory.

All in all pretty good prep for the season ahead. We didn't win every game. Also we didn't win them all by a mile. The important thing was that we got the result in almost all of the them somehow. Even in the games where we didn't play our best, we fought back and found a way to win and keep hold of the result. I'm pretty confident going into the season that we can do really well. Let's just see if that confidence is well founded...
This is it..Don't get scared now..

So our first season was upon us. Would we be able to dominate and gain promotion as I thought we could. Or would this league give us shock and bite back? It was time to find out how the team would work togther in real competitive matches..

06/08/11 Maine Road 0-3 Colne.
We start the season with a trip to Manchester. Fantastic start to the season pretty perfect run out. patton getting a brace and Patrik Vaz with the other. MOM-Gordon Patton.

09/08/11 Colne 6-1 Ramsbottom.
A dominant performance at home with Ramsbottom only managing one consolation goal back. Marella,Cowen,Flanagan and Lee all got their first goals. Patton also bagged another brace. MOM-Gordon Patton.

New Signings!

Karl Brownlee,17,GK. Young keeper as backup. Released by Lisburn Disillery.
Luke Shearer,17,ARM. Young right mid let go bay Torquay for the reserves.

13/08/11 Colne 2-1 St Helens.
Gordan Patton is on fire right from the get go! His third brace in a row putting him at 6 goals in 3. St Helens replied in the second half to make things a bit more tense. MOM- Gordon Patton (Again!)

New Signings!

Sam Christensen,18,CB. Former Port Vale trainee. Can also go up front at a push. Signed for the reserves.
Scott Porter,15,CB, A young regen for the reserve team.

20/08/11 Silsden 1-4 Colne.
The winning streak continues! Gordon Patton gets a brace for a stupendous fourth game in a row. Marc Hughes also sets his account off with a goal. Patrik Vaz gets the other. MOM-Gordon Patton(Seeing a pattern here..)

More Signings!

Connor Hobson, 18,ARM/ALM. Young winger released by Accrington. Another prospect to go into the reserves.
Billy Lunt 16,CB/RB. Another regen for the reserve team.

27/08/11 Colne 5-2 Aston Athletic.
Our last game of the month and we ended it still in winning ways. Gordon Patton just can't stop scoring another two in this game. Setting him at an amazing ten in five apps. Marella got another and Harry Rubbins got his first ever Colne goal. An O.G rounded up the todays goals for us. MOM-Gordon Patton.

Last signing of month

Matt Lomas,20,LB. Another decent lef back brought in . A former Burnley youth. Will compete with Pike for the LB role.

We'd had a dream first month. Thanks largely to Patton's amazing goalscoring form we'd finished the month top of the league. We're also now on a five game winning streak. The only question is can we keep this pace going all season? Soon the cup games will kick in. Making sure the games come thick and fast. Another thing would be with such a good start how would we handle a set back? Well roll on September!

Player Of The Month
An obvious one..It has to be Gordan Patton. On scorching form ten goals in a month is a great return. Any team that wants success has a have a great goalscorer and I think in Patton we have just that.
How To Follow Up The Perfect Opening Month?

August had been a great start for us. Winning all our games and topping the table made us feel like we could take on anybody..The Thing is could we really keep this run going? Plus with cup games entering the mix the games would be coming thick and fast. Even with a well equipt squad could we manage to compete on all fronts?

New Signing

Nicholas Walker,18,CM. Another young prospect brought in for the reserves. Released last season by Accrington.

03/09/11 Bootle 0-2 Colne
We started the month as we meant to go on with a solid win. Bateman picking up his second clean sheet of the season. Harry Rubbins got the opener and Patton continued his fine form with the second. MOM- Richard Cowen. Absolutely solid at the back.

Another prospect brought in

Reiss Lee,18,CB. Young defensive prospect. Former Stockport youth spent some time on loan last season at Salford before being released by his parent club.

10/09/11 Colne 3-0 AFC Liverpool.
It was our turn to welcome a Liverpool team this time. We continued the month in amazing form totally outplaying AFC Liverpool from start to finish. Patton again on amazing form with a brace. Patrik Vaz completed the scoring with his third of the season. MOM-Gordon Patton. Had to be, ran the show in attack.

17/09/11 Barnoldswick 0-6 Colne
Our first derby of the season against bitter rivals Barnoldwick. We won it in style hammering them in a complete whitewash. Major bragging rights have been earned for years to come. Patrik Vaz got a brace, Harry Rubins and star striker Patton got on the scoresheet. Striker Mark Hughes really announced himself in this game though playing a blinder scoring a brace into the bargain. MOM- Patrik Vaz- Scored two and assited in two already becoming an amazing player for us.

21/09/11 Colne 5-1 AFC Blackpool
Our last league game of the season and our fears of stumbling in our strint out of the blocks was unfounded! With both strikers on red hot form AFC Blackpool were blitzed. Patton and Hughes both getting two goals each. Domonic Marella getting the other goal. MOM- Marc Hughes. Really come out of patton shadow to put in another amazing display.

24/09/11 FA Vase Qualifier Colne 4-1 Bugbrooke

Our first cup match. The Counties level fa cup. We didn't fall at the first hurdle and beat lower league Bugbrooke with little problem. Players who had yet to have a chance to shine put in a great shift. left winger Eric Farro getting a goal. while striker David Lee got one and Fergus Bell showed why he's got such promise getting a brace. MOM-Eric Farro. A nightmare for Bugbrooke all game.

Well the second month had been just as big of a hit as the first. With us maintaining our winning streak to nine league games in a row! Also we had progressed in the fa qualifiers on the road to land a plum tie with higher league opposition. Some of the rest of the squad also proved they were more than up to the task. With it looking like they will prove fierce competition for places. Which can only be good for the club. October brings even more games and less breathing space inbetween to recover..Let's see if we can last the pace..
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Time To Run The Gauntlet..

This is it,the gaps in between games shrink. The number of games squeezed into the month grows. This is where our championship credentials are truly put to the test. Can we run the marathon of league games and cup side ventures?..

1/10/11 FA Cup Qualifier. Colne 2-0 St Francis Rangers
Our first step in the oldest cup competition in the world. . St Francis make a sterner test than our last cup game holding out till the second half. David Lee and Mark Hughes then got the goals to see us through to the next round. MOM-David Lee. Did his job as supporting striker perfectly.

Another prospect joins

Oliver Forsyth,18,ST. Another promising young player to join the reserves. Has not too bad stats but won't get a look in just yet. On Bradfords books and spent time on loan at Harrogate making a single appearence. Had a trial at Altrincham which came to nothing. So now takes his place with us.

4/10/11 North West Counties League Cup. Colne 3-2 St Helens
Again St Helens are the team to test us the most as we now faced them in our local cup. They took the lead early on. Before our CB Flanagan levelled on 24 mins. They again took the lead on 52 mins. Our star strikers came up big when needed though. Gordan Patton levelling on 72 mins. Finally Marc Hughes got the winner on 86 mins. MOM-Marc Hughes. Never stopped working and duly deserved to score the winner.

8/10/11 Colne 2-1 Flixton
Maybe the run we'd been on was staring to get to us as we were poor in this game. Two minutes in and we were 1-0 down. Two red cards for Flixton in the first half saw in capitolise. Vaz scoring on 27 mins and Hughes on 40 mins won us the three points. Still disappointing that we didn't get more against 9 men. MOM-Patrik Vaz. Nt much between him and Hughes.

12/10/11 Runcorn Town 2-2 Colne
Our amazing thirteen game unbeaten run was at an end. Stephen Lee and Gordon Patton put us 2-0 up. Went were lax in the final 15 mins. Striker Nathen Egan getting two to earn Runcorn a point. MOM-Egan the Runcorn man pick up the award for single handly earning his club a point.

15/10/11 FA Cup Qualfier. Colne 2-1 Hampton And Richmond
Our biggest test of the season so far. The conference south side play football three tiers above Colne. Went and pulled a non league upset out of the bag though! We really gave Hampton a game and on 50 mins defender Martin John gave the 1000 plus fans reason to celebrate. We capped off a brilliant day when Fergus Bell sealed the win on 91 mins. The gloss was taken off slightly with a last minute Paul Johnson goal gave Hampton some consolation. MOM- Martin John. Excellent in defence and scored a memorable goal.

19/10/11 Colne 2-1 Atherton LR
Back to earth in the league and our legginess showed. Still we picked up the three points. Going 1-0 down on 15 mins. We turned thing around Vaz and Patton scoring to turn the match on it's head. Still it showed we had fight and are dangerous even when not at 100%. MOM- Marc Hughes. Didn't get on the scoresheet but made an assist. Play excellent despite playing support today which he favours less.

22/10/11 FA Vase Qualifier Arlingham 0-6 Colne

We gave the lower league team a beat down they won't soon forget. I expect th defence will need therepy for some time! Both CB's Flanagan and John got on the scoresheet. Fergus Bell also got out of Hughes's and Patton's shadow in stunning fashion scoring four goals. MOM- Fergus Bell. Had the game of all games cut the defence to ribbons.

26/10/11 Runcorn Linnets 2-5 Colne
Buoyed by the large victory we got at Arlingham. We gained another impressive win. Eric Farro Started us off. David Lee also had his say on the striker front scoring two. Jorden Bowen got his first league goal. Finally Flanagan got the fifth already gathering an impressive haul so far for a CB. MOM- Eric Farro. Assisting on two goals and scoring himself. Pushing Vaz all the way for the top elft wingers spot.

29/10/11 FA Cup Qualifier. Vauxhall Motors 1-2 Colne
Another team three tiers above us this time the conference north. Again we proved our ability to cause an upset. This time more impressively it was away from home. It looked like maybe our FA cup journey might have been over. On 22 mins Tom Grice scored to make things look grim. Upto that point we'd been giving more than as good as we were getting. We redouble our efforts in the second half and finally it payed off. Fergus Bell getting the break through on 69 mins. It looked like we would earn a respectable draw and replay. However went one better Marc Hughes scoring in the first minute of stoppage time to gain another higher level scalp. MOM-Fergus Bell. He and Hughes were tireless in their efforts to get us back in the game and then win it.

Well our busiest month and we stood the test well. We still remained unbeaten after nineteen games. A immense effort from a team with only a pre-season to gel together. We'd also progressed nicely in all cup competitions adding some extra funds to the coffers. The season rolls on though next up November...
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Last Signings Of Season

These were the final two players to come into the club in this season. I was happy with the depth I had. I just thought I needed a back up in the right back spot who was young and upcoming. I'd also brought in some player so I could arrange reserve games and bring a few players on maybe for the future.

Sam Eckhardt,18,RB Another prospect and possible cover for right back if he performs if needed. Former Sheffield Utd and Wednesday trainee.

Kallum O'Kane,18,RB. Another young player from Sheffield and former youth player with Sheff Utd. I know more of what he's about having used him on FM before. Will defo push Ed Williams for the Right back spot.
November has come..

So the season was really hotting up! So we had thrived though standing ninteen games unbeaten in all competitions. We also had taken two conference North/South scalps on our Fa Cup journey. What would this month bring?..

5/11/11 Colne 5-0 Glossop
A dominant win agaist struggling Glossop. Marc Hughes put in his best show yet getting himself a hat-trick. Patrik Vaz with a penalty and Fergus Bell getting the other two goals. MOM- Marc Hughes. On top form today and firing on all cylinders.

12/11/11 Congleton 1-3 Colne
With more of a break we kept up our great form. Our two star strikers proving too much for the opposition yet again. Hughes with two and Patton with the other. MOM-Marc Hughes. Really coming into his own another amazing game from him.

16/11/11 FA Cup Qualifier Colne 4-0 Boreham Wood.
We were getting old hands at playing Conference level teams now! This time it was no close thing as we put Conference south Boreham Wood to the sword. Gordan Patton was there to show he was still very much in the running to be named star striker getting his own hat-trick. Boreham's torrid afternoon was epitomised witht he own goal that roundd up the scoring. The next round would be the last qualifying round and a big match for a place in the Fa Cup proper..MOM-Gordon Patton. Couldn't be anybody else after the hat-trick.

19/11/11 FA Vase Final Qualifying Round. Welton Rovers 2-4 Colne.
We'd progress to the Fa Vase's serious stages now. A different challenge though from Boreham, this time against a lower league team. Still we keep our concentration going three goals up untile the last ten minutes. A day for the veterans with Jamie Forrester, Eric Farro and Willie Boland all scoring. Welton mounted a late come back scoring two on 80 and 83 mins. Stephen Stirling sealed in though on 89 mins. MOM- Jamie Forrester. The old warhorse wound back the years to put on a great show.

23/11/11 Colne 4-0 Winsford.
We came back home in great spirits after our cup exploits. Winsford were on the receiving end. Goals from John, Marella, Vaz and Hughes. MOM- Dominic Marella. The winger was great on the right side. Scoring one and providing two.

26/11/11 Squires Gate 2-2 Colne.
A difficult trip to Blackpool. Squires Gate become only the second team to hold us all season so far. They really came at us finally breaking through on 15 mins. A mere two minutes later Fergus Bell evened thing out again. The team coach must have run over the ref's dog or something as his card were out for us all day. Amazingly Squires didn't pick up a single booking..We were on five before the break. Fergus Bell then put us in front two minutes from the break. Ten minutes later Squires were back level. Fergus Bell then was sent for an early shower following a petty fair challenge as far as I could see. Still we held on despite being a man light. We also picked up a further three yellows. MOM-Fergus Bell. Despite his red played out his role perfectly unlucky to get sent off for me.

29/11/11 North West Counties League Cup. Colne 5-0 Padiham.
Another local derby with us playing hosts. We were far from generous hosts though, handing Padiham a real beating. So far we had racked up some real bragging right, with big wins against Barnoldswick and now Padiham. Defender Martin John got us underway.Before David Lee and Gordon Patton both got two each. MOM-David Lee. A close one in all fainess between him and Patton and just shades it.

Again a fantastic month with our unbeaten run now rolling on to an incredible 26 games! December next and our shot at getting into the FA Cup proper for the first time in our history is looming on the horizon...
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Tis The Season..

Well this month we were definately merry. Would the month of december be kind to us though? Again games rush at us and the cup competition get more serious..

3/12/11 FA Cup Last Qualifying Round Colne 3-0 Peterborough RS

The draw had been kind to us giving us a home time against lower level opposition. We passed the potential bannana skin winning easily. Gordon Patton with two and Patrik Vaz with the other. MOM- Gordon Patton. Still putting them away and delivering big perfomances.

7/12/11 Bacup Borough 1-3 Colne
Another localish derby this one. No strikers on the score sheet this game. With an own goal, CB Flanagan and winger Marella rounding up the goals. MOM- Dominic Marella. Had a really strong game part of both of scored by colne's players.

10/12/11 Alsagar 4-1 Colne
A 19th min sending off for Alsagar helped finish this as a competative game. We were already two up by that point thanks to strikers Hughes and Bell. Marella turned on the style to score a brace rounding up our scoring. MOM- Dominic Marella. Had an amazing game terrorised Alsagar all game down the right.

14/12/11 Colne 6-0 Padiham.
I bet Padiham hate us with a passion now! Our second game against our local rivals and again we punish them. March Hughes with a hat-trick. Fergus Bell with a brace and patrik Vaz with the sixth. Another enjoyable derby! MOM-Marc Hughes a hat-trick in a local derby means it's an easy pick.

17/12/11Colne 2-2 Stone Dominoes
We've were held for the first time since Squire Gate back in October. Goals from Marella and John had seen the game looking like another W notched up. A late blitz from Dominoes saw them score on 87 mins and then the second minute of stoppage time to gain a point. MOM-Harry Rubbins. Ran the game in midfield and provided a goal.

21/12/11 FA Vase Round 1. Jarrow Roofing 1-3 Colne.

The FA Vase really starts and we were right in it. We went ahead Marella carrying on his amazing run scoring for the third game in row. A penalty put Jarrow level in the second half and gave them a boost. Up stepped David Lee to score on 79 minutes and then again in stoppage time to put us through to the next round..The only bad point Boland and Dougan picked up injuries. MOM-David Lee. Kept at it all game. Got his rewards at the end with two great goals.

28/12/11 FA Cup Round 1 Colne 3-0 Hyde
We had acheive club history by reaching the FA Cup proper for the first time in the club's short history. We weren't happy with stopping there though. Drawing another conference north team we were full of confidence and it showed. Harry Rubbins got us under way scoring ten minutes before the break. Marella the new super man who has burst onto the scene then score just a minute from half time. He hadn't finished though and cropped up again on 70 mins to finish Hyde off and stamp ou pasport to round 2..MOM- Dominic Marella. Another blinder of of game from this young winger. Been on fire as of late!.

31/12.11 Colne 7-1 Maine Road.
New years day and we were still on a high from our FA cup exploits. We hammered Maine road who valiently tried to trade blows with us. Hughes returned to form scoring twice before before 20 mins.Veteran Forrester also got on the scoresheet. Maine Road tried to get back in it scoring on 42 mins. Then Hughes got his hat-trick a minute before half time with a penalty. Hughes wasn't done wanted that highest scorer stop and added an amazing fourth on 56 min. Just when the away fans thought it couldn't get worse Forrester got his second...A goal at the last minute gave them some measure of pride..MOM-Marc Hughes. Unplayable today nobody could stop him.

So halfway through the season and we're still top of the league. Still going strong in three cups. The only problem has been keeping the whole squad happy with playing time. The rumblings from the bench and those left out are starting to grow. Let's see if I can balance the playing time and keep everybody mostly onside...