"I think I'm the Spanish One" - The Tale of Antonio Miguel


May 12, 2013
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Antonio Jose Miguel (born January 18, 1974) is a retired Spanish international footballer turned manager. Miguel joined Barcelona at the age of 7 in 1981 and left the club 18 years later to join Lyon for £13.5 million. After spending four years with the French club, he signed for Arsenal for £14 million. He signed for Arsenal in the summer of 2003 and was a member of their Invincibles squad. Miguel spent the remainder of his career at the North London Club and famously netted a late winner against Spurs in the North London Derby. Miguel was infamously red-carded during that same game for kissing the Arsenal badge in front of and insulting Spurs fans. Miguel retired in 2008 and worked at Arsenal as a coach while gaining his Pro License and left the club in May 2013.
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Antonio Miguel revealed in his opening press conference that he has a blank cheque from Tony Fernandes to sign players for the club. Miguel revealed his plans for the upcoming season and beyond.
REPORTER: Antonio, QPR have a lot of high earners so how do you plan to work around that?
ANTONIO: We have a lot of high earners and players of a Premier League standard so they will most likely be moving on. I have been told my the owner that I can sign players and that I can sell players. I plan to sell players who want to leave because I don't want people who will not perform for the club intentionally.
REPORTER: Can you name any transfer targets?
ANTONIO: Soon, don't worry you will get your headlines.