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Oct 25, 2010
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I am aware people may not want to be a League One club but some one may want to so i thought i would make this to give them some tips. (This is on the LFC Marshall update)


Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
Chairman: Milan Mandaric [Loves the club] Assistant Manager:
League: League One
Last Season: 22nd (Championship)
Media Prediction: 3rd
Fierce Rivals: Sheffield United, Rotherham, Leeds, Barnsley
Other Rivals: Hull, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Man Utd, Huddersfield

Nicky Weaver
Richard O'Donnell
Aaron Jameson

I think you have a very capable keeper in Weaver who still has 2-3 years left in him and O'Donnell is good backup. If you gain promotion into the Championship you may need a new fresh keeper so i recommend you sign a keeper in the first season. Also i would send Jameson out on loan to give him some experience.

Recommended Transfers
IN - Alex Smithies - £700,000
Out - Aaron Jameson - Loan

Lewis Buxton
Reda Johnson
Michael Morrison
Tommy Spurr
Darren Purse
Mark Beevers
Daniel Jones
Jon Otsemobor

You have a very experienced defence with the likes of Purse, Morrison and Buxton but my main four would be Spurr, Johnson, Beevers, Morrison. Purse doesn't mind being dropped but he is very good backup for either Beevers or Johnson. Your left and right backs are very good attacking minded players that can get forward and always get back.

Jermaine Johnson
Tommy Miller
Darren Potter
Chris Sedgwick
Gary Teale
James O'Connor
Liam Palmer
Giles Coke

Again you have lots of depth here and i would say your best four would be Teale ,Miller, O'Connor, Johnson but at the start Johnson and Miller are injured but i will let you pick your own replacements. I feel you need a nice quick winger to grab you some goals and a good passer. Potter or Miller can pass a ball and Teale can be more than capable despite his bad stats. I would send Palmer out to gain experience as he can become good.

Recommended Transfers

IN - Siphiwe Tshabalala - £1.300.000 over 48 month
Alan Gow - Free transfer
Gerard Lifondja - Free Transfer

Nathan Modest
Paul Heffernan
Neil Mellor
Clinton Morrison

You have no real depth here but i would sell Modest to Nottingham Forest as they normally offer for him. Mellor, Heffernan and Morrison can easily score 15-20 goals a season but i feel you need a few more new faces so i would recommend looking in the Premier League reserves.

Recommended Transfer

IN - Leigh Griffiths - £325.000
Adam Le Fondre - £325.000

Recommended Lineup

GK : aLEX sMITHIES (If bought, if not Nicky Weaver)
LB : Tommy Spurr
RB : Michael Morrison
CB : Mark Beevers
CB : Reda Johnson
CM : James O'Connor
CM : Tommy Miller
AMR : Alan Gow (If signed, if not Johnson)
AML : Tshabalala (If signed, if not Teale)
ST : Paul Heffernan
ST : Leigh Griffiths (If signed, if not Clinton Morrison)

Hope you enjoyed !

Any players etc i have missed please tell me :D
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Nice to see another guide on here to show someone has made the effort to help others, good detail and in depth, top notch geeza
Good guide! But if you have bought Smithies why isn't he in the starting line up? :)
Thaks for the Guide mate, do you have any recommended staff signings?
Personly i would not start Heffernan i would start Mellor but to be fair i am rubbish at football manager.
Good guide mate - Gary Madine has to have a start now annd again. :)
it might be a bit easier to manage sheff wed in the next update with madine reynolds and osboure now in the team and possible some money from mandaric to spend :D shame they arent doing well in real life :(
Tactics? Coaching staff? Good guide on the squad, but you are missing two elements.
Thanks guys and yeah either 4-4-2 but mostly 4-2-4 works best and i am not very good with staff
nice job :) but at the moment id get rid of the whole team and start again lol, absolute joke we are in real at the moment (6)
Good guide mate, and I like the lay out.

Only one mistake, and that's the Leigh Griffiths thing, you won't be able to sign him due to on LFC's update, he's at Wolves..
Can you upload your tactic please? I'll give it this a go based on the guide too.
Might have a good go at this been bored of using Top teams, one question will Le fondre score as much as Leigh Griffiths?

Thanks :)
Might have a good go at this been bored of using Top teams, one question will Le fondre score as much as Leigh Griffiths?

Thanks :)

probably not i have fondre on my rotherham save i started and hes **** :p leigh griffiths raped with sheff wed on 11.1 for me top scorer for my team 5 seasons in a row with about 25 goals a season :p even my last season in the prem before i deleted for some reason :D
Pure has gone to Millwall hasn't he?
yeah he has gone to millwall and tudgay has gone to nottingham forest :'(

beast: is it me or am i not seeing madine in strikers section? and issiah osbourne seeing as you have the other newbies r johnson and m morrison in

alan gow looks like a good signing i may look at him when i start my save after new patch

by the way you've missed out messi,xavi and iniesta ;) XD
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I have brought Wednesday up from league one, finishing second in both L1 and the championship. I started on 11.2 so had absolutley no money until I got into the premiership in season 3, I simply made do with signing freebies or loan players. First season in the premier I have finished 8th, and despite having very healthy finances, I am hesitant to spend.

The club made £450k every month and my highest earner was on approx £15k last season. In the summer, and in order to build the clubs reputation I loosened the purse strings, built new training facilities & youth academy and upped the wages I was willing to pay. Season four, with europe in line, this is my team:

GK. Smithies (£1m)
RB. Arbeloa (Free)
LB. Danny Simpson (Free)
CB. Tony Huston (Free)
CB. Mark Beevers
DMC. Maduro/ Di Maria (175pa Re-Gen £4m) /Camp (177pa Academy Regen)
MC. Eikrem (Free)
AMR. Wijnaldum (£9m)
AML. Obertan (Free)
STR. Eduardo (Free)
STR. Delfouneso (£1.8m) / Kadlec (Loan)

The Highest earner is Wijnaldum on £45k, second is Arbeloa on £30k, Eduardo in 3rd on £26k and the rest are all on considerably less (less than £16k). I have £26m to spend but have decided not too. Due to last seasons success, sponsorship and season tickets have gone through the roof and the club still makes £400k profit month on month, this is something iv never experienced before....

My long term plan is to win the Premier League within 4 seasons.