Apr 25, 2010
So here I am in Iceland. Completely dominating the nation with Vikingur Reykjavik. Won First Division in the first year, won the Premier Division every year since. 2020 now and have lost 1 league game in the last 4.5 seasons. The challenge is more on the international level.

Reaching the CL group stage is no longer a problem. Achieved that in the last 7 seasons. Even managed to survive that in the last 2 seasons, stranding in the first round of knockout (2018/19 0-0/0-1 against AS Roma, 2019/20 1-2/0-2 against Man City). In the UEFA Coeficient list I'm meanwhile ranked 23rd.

The problem of course is reputation. Original team reputation in the 10.3 database is 3550. Original country reputation is 4750. Per Fm Genie Scout (there is no in-game way to know, right?) my team's reputation is 5113 now. But it's of course growing very very very slowly now, which limits my progress as players will want to move on. I can scout very young players with a ton of potential, but eventually all of them will want to move on.

Money isn't the problem. Balance is almost 30 million. Average attendance nearly 27,000. It's just that players prefer not to move to Iceland.

So... the question is... can I single handedly improve the appeal of Iceland in order to advance my squad? Buying foreign players and sell them on to Icelandic teams? Would that actually work as I recall reading somewhere that the nation's reputation is fixed.


Mar 3, 2012
You have to depend on the country. If Iceland wins the World Cup then the Reputation of Iceland would increase? Try getting the Iceland job and win the WC.