Aug 9, 2017
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All, I've been a long time reader or this forum and passed many of hour reading these stories. Since I recently bought a new laptop and FM2017, I've been thinking about contributing a story of my own.

At the moment I've been doing a Shamrock Rovers save and didn't really anticipate how tough it would be! Although am currently halfway through the season, undefeated and top, its dawned on me on how long it would actually take to make them an european power house.

I managed to do it on FM2008 during my jobless smoking pot all day days. Now I've got FT job, missus and 2 kids, am goin to find it hard to squeeze the time to do this properly.

An idea I've came up with was a Sky like takeover of purchasing TV rights for the Irish league and giving every club in the prem £60mill each season? (It would be Setanta of course)

I won't change anything else, see what happens and let nature take its course.

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Crack on mate, would certainly be interested to see how it panned out.
Crack on mate, would certainly be interested to see how it panned out.

Cheers mate.

The only problem I can envisage is the FFP aspect and I can just imagine clubs splashing out on players as oppose to improving infrastructure.

Is the only way I can do this by changing the clubs banks balance?
I'd follow this! Can also relate to the 'good old days' - mine used to be rather similar
Just into EURO league qualifying now, managed to smash some San Marino team 9-1 on aggregate but now got Brondby in the second qualifying round :mad: ......ahwell

Still undefeated in the league but only joint top with Cork and all my players stats have dropped drastically for some reason, some by 2 or 3 points which doesnt bode well when there best stat is 10 in the first place ;).....sorted my coaches out at the start of the season and apprantly we got the best setup in the league so dont know why.

Any ideas?
Not sure how you'd make those changes work but would def follow if you managed to do it