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Feb 14, 2010
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As I have a break in my exams until Monday I had time to think about doing something that was not studying or how do I pretend I’m studying when I really am not.

I am proposing a style of FM game that borrows a bit from an auction game style, a bit from a draft game style and a bit from real life American sports. I am planning on starting a league with 16 teams (not set in stone) that I’m hoping you guys will own.
At the start it will simply be an auction in order to see who can get the best team however my unique twist will be that instead of a transfer budget you will have a wage budget based on player salary per year. You will be allowed select the number of years (1-4) and the base salary per year (min bids will be altered up for each year so a player might have a min bid of 1m for 1 year, 1.2m for second year and so on). There will be a number of rounds of this and it will resemble a usual auction game.

However unlike in other auction games, the money that is saved is not useless as the wage budget that everyone starts with will carry on in to the game and you will not be able to bid on any free agents if you have no “salary cap” space. Like in the NBA/NFL I will let people make trades with each other at any time but you will be required to have the salary space in order to take on the player. For example if someone offers Rooney on 5m per year to someone else for Van Persie who is on 7m per year but the owner with Rooney only has 1m of free space then the trade will not be allowed go through. The salary cap will also be a factor when a player’s contract as they will go into a free agent bidding contest where there will be another auction for him. This could create an interesting dynamic as somebody might offload some big earners in order to cash in on Messi as his contract expires.


Then the final part of this game is the draft system. Each year I will produce 60 prospects (first year using the editor, second year using fmrte on regens) that will have a suitable CA and PA selected (each player will be unique in position/nationality and CA + PA). The last place finisher in the league will get first pick and it will continue on down and I will do 3 rounds of drafting (I understand 3 x 16 is only 48 but the rest will be free agents you can sign). Draft picks can also be traded as part of deals for players so somebody can give up their star at present in order to stack up on young talent. In order to keep it a mystery I will come up with a scouting system where each manager can receive certain stats for one player (possibly 5 physical scoutings, 3 technicals and 2 mentals along with 1 potential where I will give the PA within a range of 15 so for example 165-180 or something). I will also break these prospects into 4 teams and place them in an offseason league before the draft where I will upload highlights and stats of the games where you can do a final scouting exhibition.

I am still undecided about doing a playoff system in the league and I might introduce a draft deadline too.
Anyway nothing is set in stone including any of the figures mentioned above but I would like to see peoples interest and feedback on the idea. I would also appreciate any ideas on a suitable budget and I may need some help setting up certain parts in the editor but that can be done at a later stage.
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So I have been number crunching a bit. I have worked out that a 50m per year wage budget seems about right which equates to roughly 44k per week per player in a 22 man squad.

My usual draft classes will contain 60 prospects probably in this style
6-10 Goalkeepers 14-18 defenders 16-22 midfielders and 12-16 strikers each year. That will be broken down even further randomly based on fullbacks, centre backs, wingers etc closer to the time
Nice to see some interest. Just to be 100% clear I'm mainly testing the water for interest now but when I do look for applications to join you guys will be up on my list. At the minute I'm finding out interest levels and trying to plan parts of it out. If anyone has any questions or additions just let me know
Really great idea - i would be very interested, if you decide to give it a go...
Trying to decide if I will incorporate in a reward system where somebody can earn extra scouts based on finishing positions of even by giving up some of their wage budget. I might leave that out though as I don't want it overly complicated.
I would love to do this sounds like a great idea and would want to be placed straight into the participants list should you decide to do it so i don't miss out and someone take my spot ;)
Decided I'm gonna start this in the next couple of days. As I am in exam year it might not be the fastest flowing thing but I will do my best and there will be certain days where I get more done. Anyway, if all you guys could re-apply with team names and primary and secondary colours I will consider you. Obviously I only want fully commited people so I may have to show favouritism to people that I know visit the forum regularly.

Team Name:
Primary Colour:
Secondary Colour:

I'm hoping to release a screenshot in a while of the players that will be entering the starting auction later as well
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Team Name: Vestegnen United
Primary Colour: Yellow
Secondary Colour: Blue

I have been very active from start to end in every auction game i participated in!
Hope you'll consider me!
Team Name: Stoke Rangers
Primary Colour: Red
Secondary Colour: Blue
I think the league structure will probably consist of the top 6 going into playoffs. 3rd will play 6th and 4th will play 5th over two legs. Then 1st will play the winner of 4th v 5th and 2nd will play winner of 3rd v 6th over two legs. Final will be one legged affair with the team with the highest seeding being home. This means whoever came first or whoever beat the first seed in the playoff.

Any free agents will be put in like a secondary division of the league which will consist of around 8 teams playing each other 4 times in order to maintain their fitness and attributes. I will post a final league table and screenshots of the player stats once a season for this.