Idriss Saadi - St Ettiene (Wonderkid)


Feb 6, 2009
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Name: Idriss Saadi
Club: St Ettiene
D.O.B: 08/02/1992
Nationality: French/Algerian
Position: Striker


everything physical/off the ball/determination/heading/finishing/

passing/positioning/team work/work rate

Suggested Roles:

Poacher - Attack
Advanced Forward - Attack


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definately gonna try get him for my swansea team
let me know how he develops, got high hopes for this one ;)
Currently rotating him in and out of my front line at saint-eti and got 5 goals already!
awesome, feel free to post screenshots of how he develops ;)
My lyon game is in the 4th season so i'll give you a screenshot, though this is how the CPU developed him.
its such a waste how teams like Real, Barca, City buy these young wonderkids then leave them to rot away in their reserve teams... its such a shame.. :S
Yeah, SAF is sniffing around him unfortunately and even started releasing comments about him! His head hasn't turned yet though, I'll post how he develops with the first team actions hes getting for me due to injuries.
He's doing well on loan for me in my Wigan save. Got something like 5 goals in early October.
Just to let you know how hes getting on, I really hope I can hold on to him. SAF made a personal check and Guardiola decided to release some comments about him along with Ranieri.
Would try signing him when I turn FM on. :) Thanks for the recommendation.
Nice find..... looks like he will turn into a Gabby Agbonalahor...... great physical stats and deceiving technical stats for his ability.
He's at Rosenborg on my save ATM, Man City signed him for 3.9m, stuck him in the reserves for three seasons then shipped him off for 2.7m.

Money well spent for them I think.

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unfortunately very differant stats on mine wondering y (dissapointed) still try and sign him see how he develops with the stats he has.